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Video decryption. Buffalo hunting: “Heart” shooting prohibited!

Insolent suggestions for improving hunting safety and practice.

My pillars of wisdom.

Calculation of RD+P (Performance Distance + Weight): 30.06 vs 300 Winchester-Magnum.

For or against buckshot? The response from CHASEUR DE SANGLIER.COM.

What should be the ideal rifle bullet for driven hunting?

Latest legislative information concerning hunters and shooters.

Why don't rifles have their place in open country and peri-urban areas?

Rifle bullets and wild boar shooting.

WEB-SERIES on hunting: Eight humorous, quirky and daring episodes. A real success!

Bolt action rifle: African security.

Rifle: For a rehabilitation of the 12 gauge in driven.

Is the information on the Internet reliable compared to TVs, radios, newspapers, written press?

Is the “Wolf Plan” the TROJAN horse of “ecology”* to kill hunting in France?

Ballistic “humor”: “It's the shock wave that kills”…!

Militaro-industrial humor and/or incompetence: “Long barrel and increased velocity for greater stopping power”…

Detailed study of the "FBI Shooting Protocol" relating to the effectiveness of handgun ammunition.

Hunting shot: Is the effectiveness in the caliber of the bullet or in its placement?

Driven hunting: 2 calibers to deal with all situations.

Hunting accidents vs Ski accidents, domestic, etc…

Is the 338 Winchester magnum the ideal caliber from 0 to 300 meters? Comparison 375 HH Magnum vs 338 WINCHESTER Magnum.

Effectiveness of a rifle bullet in driven action: RD+P: “Distance+Weight Yield”. Another method of calculation.

Why mount a red dot on the bezel?

Detection Time, Reaction Time, Execution Time, Total Time.

Videos: The lion strikes back! Shot of a fully charged lion at close range. The leopard strikes back.


Lessons from hunting accidents

Should you identify before shooting or identify before taking aim? Angry shot or angry zone?

Ecology: Ouch! It hurts !

Derby: Ecology vs Berger 0-1

"Phew", in France, carrying a weapon is prohibited! » + American « open carry » legislation + All received ideas about weapons.

Revised and expanded 2019 edition of the book: “Mastering bullet shooting”. Jean-Pierre MENU.

Hunting radios: For a switch to VHF (or FM) 5 Watts and to all-digital.

Advice before calling 112 (emergencies) from a mobile.

A new definition of “STOPING POWER”: © “ZI²HL”: “High Lethality Instantaneous Incapacitating Zone”.

Shooting technique: Go up along the target, release the ball, continue to follow the target.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) for shooting. Instinctive shooting or reflex shooting? “Hunting Drill”©.

What optical drive?

What optics for a post

What optics for a piqueur.

Protect and optimize your eyes. Ballistic eyewear standards.

The ball of hearts: A counter-productive ball in beat.

France, its weapons, its media, its “public” service and their misinformation…!

Ball-trap shooting and big-game hunting shooting: Two antagonistic shooting techniques!

The big folder of the magnum.

375 HH Magnum: An excellent hunting caliber. CZ 550 Magnum. 9.3×64 and 9.3×66.

Kinetic Energy, Surface Kinetic Energy, Momentum or Shock Power.

SHEET MUSIC, A-FRAME, classic or lead-free mono-metal core what's the difference?

Why use 30-06 SPRINGFIELD? What ammunition for the 30-06 Springfield?

Do you need a long barrel? a short barrel? or a heavy, short barrel!

And the sports that kill the most are…

Prevention of hunting accidents and management of hunting accidents.

Rifle bullets for the boar.

European cannon = European bullets. American cannon = American bullets.

Rifle: Conversations around the FIER 28 bullet.

“Finger on the trigger guard”: A jurisprudential obligation!

Hunting and Shooting: Maxims, truisms, received ideas, nonsense.

Where it is a question of the speed of rearming…!

Delete "the finger stroke". STETCHER "French style" and STETCHER "German style".

Neurotic legislation and incompetence: Towards a ban on the ramp?

Hunting: Tips, Explanations.

Hold your rifle correctly. Why is it necessary to favor sticks with a steep slope!

Hunting camouflage. Better position yourself in the hunt.

The right techniques for shooting with a scope

The shooting sling or the cane?

Boar: The ideal rifle, the ideal carbine, the ideal express.

A stretched caliber is not a versatile caliber

Hunting in Africa: Practical advice. 375 HH Magnum, 9.3×62, 9.3×74.

Get ahead of the shot or “pull the arm”? Shooting range: "Pull the arm" and "Announce the ball".

Stopping power, escape distance, Kill on the spot, or "Power to collapse"?

Hunting legislation: Anthology of nonsense.

“Column to the neck” ball or chest ball?

The correct technique for shooting with a red dot.

Boar in beat: Biters, posted: Which weapon for which use?

Hold your rifle correctly. Why is it necessary to favor sticks with a steep slope!

The hunters are environmentalists, friendly hikers and supportive of the most deprived!

What are the consequences when anti-hunting and animalists manage game?

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