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January 2024

National Assembly: Ecologists, rebels and macronists oppose a minute of silence for the deceased farmer

All ? In fact, not entirely... Indeed, in the hours following the tragedy, Mr. André Chassaigne, deputy of the communist group in the National Assembly, proposed that all parliamentarians respect a minute of silence in memory of the farmer died in this protest movement which seems to garner the support of an immense majority of French people. If the Les Républicains (LR) group supported the proposal of their communist colleague, other parliamentary groups distinguished themselves by an opposition testifying to an indifference which can only seem odious to us.

Because the groups Europe Écologie Les Verts (EELV), La France Insoumise (LFI) as well as Renaissance (presidential majority) opposed the expression of this testimony of respect for a woman who gave her life to defend her profession and her passion. To justify this refusal, Mr. Éric Coquerel, LFI deputy, demanded that if a tribute should be paid to the farmer, a similar tribute should also be paid to the last two “young people” who died in brawls in Seine-Saint-Denis! Putting a mother involved in a social movement supported by the French on an equal footing with delinquents involved in armed struggles between rival gangs, we must dare...

Thus, due to lack of unanimity among the parliamentary groups, this tribute was ultimately not paid.

December 2023

Did you know? Radio France's funding comes 83,11% from public allocation, or 566,4 million euros. And what do they repeatedly do with our money? They hit the hunters.

France Inter treats us to a new anti-hunting diatribe with hunter taxes

November 2023

France, its weapons, its media, its “public” service and their misinformation…!

October 2023

Let's fight back against anti-hunting: Support the proposals for financial controls targeting ASPAS and One Voice!

September 2023

Age, sex, profession, number of validations, who are the French hunters in 2023?

What are the main reasons people go hunting in France?

July 2023

After the anti-hunting attacks, the Court of Auditors presents its report on the financing of hunters' federations

Disappearance of Petit Émile: In 2017 the mayor of the town warned of the presence of the wolf in the village

May 2023

If you want to fund WIKIPEDIA, read this before: « WIKIPEDIA tells nonsense about hunting » : " Need proof of Wikipedia's relevance? There she is. I strongly urge you to vary your sources if you are looking for reliable information, especially when the subject is inherently divisive”.

“Here is a direct quote that you can find, and which tries to temper the number of hunters in France: "Attention, this is the number of licensees, lThe actual number of people hunting is likely to be lower, with some hunters taking out multiple licenses to be able to hunt in multiple hunting territories”.

The cretin(s) who wrote the article stupidly confuse: Sports license and departmental validation of the hunting permit. Of course there is only one validation to hunt MAIS you can hunt in several departments……

April 2023

Italy: A young man killed by a bear while jogging

Hiker killed by a bear: a shepherd challenges the French state

March 2023

The gun registry: hell is paved with good intentions.

I would rather write that hell is indeed paved with bad intentions. We will settle all this during the next elections….!!!

February 2023

An elected official from a small town in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence attacked by a pack of wolves

What are the consequences when anti-hunting and animalists manage game?

October 2022

Video: On the hunt, "We learn to kill a human" according to a journalist from Liberation

The newspaper " RELEASE » is also that…..

The newspaper " RELEASE » that’s it again…..

La Dépêche.fr: “Security: a constant concern for hunters” vs. Libération.fr: “Yes, you have the right to hunt drunk with a GoPro on your rifle”.

September 2022

Video: subsidies for hunters and the myth of the hunting lobby, the response of the vice-president of the Movement of rurality

August 2022

…..If the FNC has seen the sums allocated to it by the State increase significantly since 2017, it is because it has taken over many of the tasks formerly devolved to the prefectures. such as the management of ACCAs or the allocation of hunting plans or even administrative tasks previously taken on by the departmental federations with the transfers of funds which are correlated to it.

No, the subsidies allocated to hunters by the state are not "gifts"!

Controversy over subsidies allocated to hunters, the FNC responds

“The FNC wants to establish the truth about the controversy created from scratch following the publication of its annual accounts! Not a penny of public money is spent without justification. Each year, our annual accounts are available on the FNC website and forwarded to the supervisory ministry.

If the contributions received are increasing sharply (11.45 million euros), it is because the State can count on the Federations of hunters and transfer to us public service missions that it had before at its expense.
Our enemies take advantage of this and wrongly attack us! In our accounts, “operating subsidies” (11.45 million euros) include public grants but also those from private bodies as well as financial contributions governed by the law of July 24, 2019 which are not subsidies strictly speaking.

What changed between 2016/2017 and 2020/2021 is the vote on the “hunting” law. This law recorded in particular the transfer of public service missions to the Federations of hunters. In this case, it is a question of taking charge of the management and coordination of approved municipal hunting associations (ACCA) and the allocation of individual hunting plans, missions formerly carried out by the prefects. The financial compensation for these missions is 9 million euros per year.

In addition, the FNC receives for the management of its own projects within the framework of the eco-contribution system resulting from this same law, (of which the French Office for Biodiversity is controller and funder): 1,8 million euros in 2020/2021 out of a national envelope of just under 15 million (whose contribution from hunters is 5 million). In this context, to date nearly 500 eco-contribution projects in favor of biodiversity have been initiated by the federations of hunters.
Over this same year 2020/20211, the allocations from public bodies reached 480 euros (in particular Sagir, which is a health monitoring network and a mission of general interest carried out by the departmental federations. Private subsidies meanwhile total 594 euros (183/550).

Instead of seeking to stigmatize us, anti-hunting should respect our actions in the service of biodiversity and rurality. »

A child dead and another seriously injured in the attack of a wolf in Russia

July 2022

For biologist Marcel Züger the wolf will become dangerous for children

Hunting radios: For a switch to VHF (or FM) 5 Watts and to all-digital.

Like criminals! 8 hunters taken into custody in the case of the bear killed in Ariège. The hunting world was very shocked by these police custody, like the president of the Ariège hunters' federation, Mr. Jean-Luc Fernandez who declared: " What upsets us all, we the actors of the territory, is the fact that the hunter who had the audacity to save his life, who is now severely handicapped, is summoned at 9 a.m. and questioned until 22 p.m. . Like a war criminal. So we find the method particularly violent"

April 2022

February 2022

AIS. Weapons Information System. MANDATORY SIA account before December 31, 2024.

Animalist associations finance anti-hunting movements with cash! As you know, this week was the hearing of Willy Schraen in the Senate. At the conclusion of it, the President of the FNC wished to express his astonishment regarding the hidden actions of certain animalist associations. A chilling reality!

“I would also like to take advantage of this forum to denounce a certain number of facts which go beyond the framework of hunting and take place in our country with complete impunity, although all of this is outside our security subject.

I know that what I am saying in front of you will again lead to death threats, but it is not tolerable that threats can be made on social networks with complete impunity. When will there be a real law to curb this evil in our society which perpetually affects me. Many hunters and their families suffer, like me today, from harassment of rare violence from social networks, and whose penal sanctions too often boil down to simple citizenship courses.

In recent years, several young people have committed suicide in direct connection with their belonging to the hunting world. The responses of the courts are not up to the ordeal experienced by these people and their families, who have neither my facility nor my means as president of FNC, to work in court to obtain compensation, even if this is ridiculous.

What can be said about this anti-hunting propaganda which is now developing within our schools, where we see a certain benevolence on the part of certain rectorates in allowing works from the school program or on the periphery of it to pass, dealing with the wickedness of hunters to kill Bambi and his forest and field friends.

Just last week in the school of Dannes, a small village in Pas de Calais, an unequivocal book was distributed to children, presenting hunters as beings without empathy, threatening animals and more of course. And how is it that certain anti-everything associations have the right to activism with our children against hunting, fishing, breeding or eating meat during Republican school hours? And all this without control or contradiction, while our federal structures, which are nevertheless all approved in terms of nature protection, still cannot officially intervene to talk about ordinary biodiversity in the classroom due to the dogmatism of certain academies.

I come to the third and last point, which should make ink and saliva flow in the days to come. I am going to give you the front page of the hunting magazine “our hunts”, which reveals in great detail the functioning and actions of certain anti-hunting or anti-species groups. The penitent, called Alexis Barbier, tells us a somewhat crazy story about the structural organization of these action groups, their hidden funding by large animalist associations with cash envelopes whose origin is unknown, and how these associations are also become principals who list the actions, moderately funded, that these small groups are obliged to carry out if they want to have financial means.

"Concretely how did it go internally"?
It's quite simple! We had a meeting every two weeks with the associations and the other collectives […] the Anti-Hunting Section received €15 per quarter in cash.
Interview carried out in the Journal Nos Chasses – February 2022
Actions that seem to relate to the fundamentals of the anti-hunting cause, which boils down to transfiguring the truth of images and words, destroying and burning hunting infrastructures, and many other things. All this sends shivers down the spine, and highlights the excesses of this so-called camp of good, from these large associations to the smallest dormant cell, which today seems to operate according to mafia methods and henceforth threaten the integrity physical appearance of people who do not share their ideology.

Why raise these points at the conclusion of our hearing, because they are part of this security harassment of public opinion through totally distorted and misleading words or writings, carrying hatred and violence sometimes aimed at the youngest among us like I just described it to you. In the coming days, I will therefore post on your site three initial petitions which perfectly illustrate the conclusion of my remarks. I will appeal to hunters, as to other users of nature, who are entitled to ask that these subjects be treated with the same seriousness as you are in this audit of hunting safety.

With all of my fellow presidents, and with all of our partner users like us of nature, we will continue to work with determination and motivation to continue to reduce again and again the number of accidents related to the practice of hunting. 

Latest legislative information concerning hunters and shooters.

Eric Zemmour in Sologne: "I refuse that anyone prohibits you from hunting". The candidate of the Reconquest movement was at a meeting last Friday in Chaumont sur Tharonne in the heart of Sologne and wanted to send a message to hunters:
"I don't want anyone forbidding you to hunt. I refuse to allow anyone to attack fishing. You have ancestral techniques that must be preserved and passed on. Earlier I was with Louis-Xavier, a breeder who was so in love with his animals, the Solognot sheep. You are the real ecologists, you are the real nature lovers. You the hunters, you the fishermen, you the farmers, you the best friends of nature, of whom I want to be President, you the French” .
During this trip, Eric Zemmour also wanted to send a strong message to rural people, notably by offering a bonus of 10 euros for each child born in rural areas!
Will Eric Zemmour be followed by hunters? Answer on April 10!

January 2022

“Why do we like to hunt so much? »

Perhaps the best article on the subject !!!! « The famous newspaper Times Square Chronicles, a New York media, wanted to answer this question: why do people like hunting? »

I found the original article in the language of hot-water-drinkers. Google translation. If anyone has a better one, send me the corrections.

Why do people like hunting?

Hunting has been a sport that people have been doing for years, reminiscent of a simpler time when you had to live off the land and search for your food sources via this method. It has been considered a controversial sport by many, as there can be many people who view it as a form of animal cruelty. Not only that, but it can be dangerous as using firearms and a bow and arrow to hunt can and has hurt people in the past. So why do people still love hunting so much? Below are some of the main reasons why people are still drawn to hunting as a hobby.

Spend time in nature

In a rapidly changing world that is so dependent on technology, retreating to nature can be a great way to disconnect from everyday life. Although you can still do this through activities such as camping and hiking, hunting can provide a different experience for those who enjoy the sport. Many people take the opportunity to hunt alone, and it can give you time to think about your thoughts. When you hunt, it also allows you to become more in tune with nature, as you are more aware of your surroundings while waiting for deer or birds to aim. Hunters can find this experience incredibly satisfying and have often said it makes them feel at one with mother nature in a primal sense. It's more than just admiring a pleasant view or feeling satisfied at having reached the top of a mountain, it's an active part of what's going on around you.

Learning skills

Another reason people love hunting as a sport is because it gives them the opportunity to learn new skills. To obtain a hunting license and practice this sport safely, you must take a hunting safety course such as those offered at www.ilearntohunt.com. In addition to these skills, hunters can learn how to track wildlife, basic wilderness survival skills, how to prepare prey meat for cooking, critical thinking to assess their situation. They will also learn who to adapt to in nature and how to stay focused. Many of these skills are incredibly useful for situations outside of hunting, making these experiences very beneficial for personal growth.

Be part of a community

While many like to hunt alone, there is always the opportunity to go on a hunting trip with friends and relatives, which can be a great time to bond. Hunters can also become part of a larger community of people who love the sport, sharing their tips and experiences in clubs and online forums. It's a great place to make new friends and acquaintances by connecting over that common interest, and being part of a community is something that many people enjoy.

Hunting is certainly not a sport for everyone, but these are some of the main reasons why people still enjoy participating in this activity and why it is still a popular choice in modern society.

Occitania: " The rural world is under attack and it is gaining momentum ». The vase is particularly full, and the drop of water that will make it overflow threatens to fall. While environmental and animalist associations regularly attack hunting with legal action, hunters in Occitania are tired. As recently as this Monday, the One Voice association seized the administrative court of Toulouse for interim measures. The reason ? She opposes an order issued by the prefect of Ariège authorizing the collection of twenty partridges per hunter in her department.

October 2021

A shepherd loses 14 sheep and risks a fine because of a tourist and his drone.

Burr: a president of a hunting society prosecuted. All that for this ! Laurent, the president of a communal hunting society in the Oise, surprises in the middle of the night "travellers" who were poaching. Although he is perfectly in his role to observe, a verbal altercation ensues and the poachers file a complaint against him.

His 26 hours in police custody go badly because he dares to stand up to the commander of the brigade who swears "that he will not miss it and that he will go all out". He kept his word with a sentence of 10 months of withdrawal of hunting license and judicial seizure of his weapons which were family memories. He is therefore registered with FINIADA for 5 years, however during all this time, he continues to lead the hunting society.
Thanks to three psychiatric experts, he easily escaped the “placement”. However, he was the subject of special treatment since he underwent 7 blood alcohol tests at the rate of one per month, “we” tried to pass him off as an alcoholic. These controls stopped after he wrote to the Minister of the Interior to denounce the many inconsistencies and multiple abuses of the file. A relentlessness of the administration… The continuation by clicking on the link.

September 2021

Video: Six children aged 6 to 13 talk about their love for hunting

June 2021

Hunting radios: For a switch to VHF (or FM) 5 Watts and to all-digital.

May 2021

It is urgent to disconnect Brussels!!! A farmer commits suicide every day and during this time: An 8 million euro plan to triple the bear population in the Pyrenees. Brussels is preparing to launch a project of 8 million euros, ¾ of which will be financed by Europe in order to triple the population of bears in the massif by 2027, according to the president of the department, Christine Téqui.

Thank you to the Prefect, THANK YOU to the ecologists!!! Choose your ballot carefully to elect the next POLITICARDS!!!!

Burgundy: faced with the wolf, some breeders lower their arms. Since last year, the fatigue of sheep farmers in the face of wolf attacks has been felt. It has even gone up a notch in recent weeks, since some breeders are giving up. Like Hubert Mony, sheep breeder in Côte-d'Or. This farmer from father to son for generations has seen several sheep lose to the paw of the wolf. So, after multiple unheeded cries for help, he decided to sell 200 of his 500 animals. « I have no intention of feeding the wolf with my sheep. It takes time and money. It's a story of passion. I don't want to sacrifice super sheep for the wolf," he thunders.

The anti-hunting poem learned in CE2. In Salon de Provence, CE2 class teachers do not hesitate to train future generations against hunting. This poem teaches an 8-year-old child that hunters kill each other… “But suddenly, the accident, the mistake…. Bang! A bleeding man! »

Willy Schraen on France Inter: “Hunting makes you happy”.

April 2021

Exclusive survey: the more the French know about hunting, the more they are in favor of it ! In this survey, the French who say they are very well informed about hunting are 47% in favor of it! The more the interviewees say they are informed about hunting, the more they are in favor of it. This upsets the received ideas according to which the French are massively anti-hunting.

Mars 2021. Anti-hunters received by the government compare hunters to “serial killers”. The Alliance of Hunting Opponents, an anti-hunting group is increasingly talked about in some media and on social networks, in particular since the Secretary of State for Biodiversity Bérangère Abba received the collective.

February 05, 2021: INFO THE DEPECHE. Death of Morgan Keane in the Lot: the Ministry of Ecology launches a working group on hunting.

This Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at the end of the afternoon, a 23-year-old boy was killed near a hunt in Calvignac in the Lot valley. A 25-year-old man from the town was chopping wood when he was hit by shotgun fire. According to the first elements, it would be an accident. The shooter, a young man, was taken into custody for manslaughter.

December 2020: Note from the author of the site: There is a big gap in the hunting license concerning young hunters  to whom we don't take the time to explain “situational shooting” of hunting. I've been saying it and writing it for 13 years on this site. Nothing confronts you with a horde of mountain bikes hurtling down a deserted path, nothing prepares you for a mountain runner hurtling down scree in the middle of the fir trees in front of you! Nothing, except composure and the habit of handling a weapon " situation" The hunting license in its practical part suffers from a big gap!!! He is too politically correct and inaccurate…. !

A candidate for the practical part stands at attention waiting for a red plate to start to raise his weapon. It's a French administrative fantasy like the closed hand on the butt. There we are strong we are the only ones in the world!!! No laughing.

QUEBEC: Training in the handling of firearms and obtaining a hunting license.


FRANCO-FRENCH version: “Hold your rifle in both hands, barrels pointing skyward (no finger on the trigger tails, nor on the trigger guard).

You have to ask a professional filmmaker to shoot skits of situations such as you often encounter in rough terrain, in the woods and especially in the middle of the mountains: The mountain bike that tumbles into the middle of the forest breaking wood like a deer, the mountain runner who rolls the pebbles and blows like a wild boar or an exhausted deer...


Should you identify before shooting or identify before taking aim? Angry shot or angry zone?

“Finger on the trigger guard”: A jurisprudential obligation!


The hunt for the odds among young Japaneseeg. …….But as the number of hunters decreases in the country, the proportion of women between the ages of 20 and 30 who take up this activity is increasing!

A mountain biker saved by hunters in Ardèche. The solidarity of hunters is not a legend. It is very often through donations that the hunting world is talked about in this area but it also happens that it is sometimes by saving people in difficulty, lost or injured in the middle of nature.

Are wild boar releases for hunting legal in France?

Animal abuse at Puy du Fou: the trainers respond (with uncovered faces) to Hugo Clément.

Death of Elisa Pilarski: her companion indicted for manslaughter. Curtis owner Christophe Ellul has been charged with manslaughter. His dog has been designated by experts as the animal at the origin of Elisa Pilarski's fatal injuries.

Pilarski case: the dog Curtis guilty of the death of the young woman, according to experts. An expert report published this Saturday, October 31 establishes that the size of the dog's teeth coincides with the bites found on the body of Elisa Pilarski, bitten to death in a forest in Aisne in November 2019.

“Pilarski case: Anti-hunters covered up a trafficker in fighting dogs”.

Conclusion of the press release official of the public prosecutor of the judicial court of Soissons:

……….The main result of these genetic analyzes is that: 

– The DNA of the victim Elisa PILARSKI is present from traces of blood taken from different points of the mouth and head of the dog CURTIS as well as in several places of his harness and his muzzle, 

 – The DNA of the dog CURTIS is found on several samples taken at different points of the wounds on the scalp of the victim, under one of his nails as well as on Mrs. PILARSKI's clothes. 

  – No trace of DNA from the 33 pack dogs sampled was found.                     

 At this stage of the investigation, the expert reports converge and tend to demonstrate the exclusive involvement of the dog CURTIS in the bites that led to the death of Mrs. PILARSKI, his mistress, without any element allowing the dogs to be called into question. belonging to the hunting society.                

The information procedure must however continue, the parties being able to request additional acts, but it is essential that the investigation takes place in a now peaceful context, with the sole concern of finding the truth. 


November 2020. 16:15 p.m.

The prefectures are in the process of publishing prefectural orders authorizing hunting IN DRIVE: Wild boar, deer. The approach is strictly prohibited!!!! For the hunt " feather " and that of small game, see the prefectural decree specific to your department. Simpler, get closer to your President who received it by email.

In beats, the number of participants may not exceed ……… (defined by the prefecture) people.

Participants must have a derogatory certificate by ticking the box: “Travel to participate in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority”.
Of course, gatherings and hunting meals remain strictly prohibited.

Mandatory masks and safety distances.


This is the kind of cliché that we still find in September 2020 on hunting. If the national federation wants to exercise a right of reply…..: “A hunter who knows how to hunt…” Olivier Cabanel. "The opening of the hunt is approaching, sowing disarray among the animals who will try to escape the hunts, the traps, the bulimia to kill, but also among the humans for whom outings in the calm woods will now be dangerous" .

That brave ignorant-incompetent had better read these three articles:

2013: English Campaign. 2023: Australia: we must kill more than a million deer!

Book: “If we no longer hunted”. John BERTON.



JULY 2020: I have just received an email from the communication department of the National Hunting Federation which I am delivering to you: I am contacting you to inform you of the implementation of the decree of February 5, 2020 concerning the new regulations for accompanied hunting. Indeed, since July 1, 2020, obtaining an accompanied hunting permit can only be done via the Departmental Federation of Hunters.

Accompanied hunting: where to obtain authorization from July 1, 2020?
From July 1, 2020, obtaining an accompanied hunting permit must be done exclusively by the Departmental Federation of Hunters. This change follows the implementation of the decree of February 5, 2020.
As a reminder, it is possible for anyone to practice hunting in the presence and under the responsibility of an experienced hunter from the age of 15.
To obtain authorization, there are 2 steps:
1. Take basic training with the Departmental Federation of Hunters.
2. Send a request for authorization to the President of the Federation less than a year after taking the training (previously, you had to send your request to the Director General of the French Office of biodiversity).
To send your request, you will need to provide the following supporting documents:

The FNC sets up an observatory and an action service against hunting bashing. Yesterday the National Federation of Hunters posted its brand new website.

The FNC is finally launching an online service to report an act of violence. This is to fight against hunting bashing, the moral, physical and material violence that hunters now suffer almost daily.

Stop misconceptions


Clarifying certain points, correcting some received ideas and approximate or even erroneous statements most heard in the media or on social networks should make it possible to open the debate in a healthy way.


“Why does hunting help protect wild animals and endangered species? ? " Excerpt: “……..Because when Hugo Clément notably mentions the disappearance of the black rhinoceros, it would certainly cost him to know that today the countries in which rhinos, lions, elephants, leopards or buffaloes are doing best are those where hunting is still authorized. It suffices, moreover, to look at the cases of the Ivory Coast, Kenya or the Central African Republic to make one's own analysis.


Last Sunday in Bligny-lès-Beaune in Côte d'Or, a big game hunt took place with members of the hunting society. One of the guests is then posted at the edge of the road. A man on a walk approaches the hunter and collapses a few meters from him. The hunter, trained in first aid gestures, then rushes over and begins to give a cardiac massage to the man who is almost in cardiac respiratory arrest. The hunt is immediately stopped and the other hunters call the fire department. The victim will regain consciousness when the latter arrive and owes his life solely to the presence of the hunter present that day. This is information that won't get much attention on anti-hunting social media, so let's get the word out. Source of the article: HUNTING PASSION.NET

November 2019

The rant of Willy Schraen the President of the National Federation of Hunters.

“Dear hunting friends,It is with great anger that I address all hunters in France following the fatal accidents that have occurred since the start of the hunting season.
Eight people lost their lives. (Editor's note: As of 27/11/2019: 8 DEAD INCLUDING 2 SELF-ACCIDENTS).

First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones in these tragic accidents.
Last week, Madam Secretary of State Emmanuelle Wargon summoned me to the ministry to discuss this subject. Following this interview, a letter was sent to me asking me to act with each of you on hunting safety.

Hunting is a risky practice like other activities.
We all know it, and that is why each departmental federation of hunters strives to constantly remind you of the basic safety rules that we must put into practice systematically as soon as we hunt.
Zero risk does not exist in any area, but after analyzing these first accidents, it appears that each time, it is indeed fundamental safety rules that have been completely ignored.

This finding is unacceptable to me!

Shooting without identifying your game, not respecting 30 degree angles, moving in single file with a loaded weapon, forgetting to unload your weapon after hunting, are all mistakes in practice and common sense that should not happen .
I ask each president of a hunting society, of ACCA, of private hunting, but also of all hunters who practice hunting with friends or even alone, to reread the security fundamentals of our practice, telling themselves that the he accident does not always happen to others.

Our credibility is at stake, as is the future of our passion.
There's no boar or pheasant worth a person's death, and no hunter will ever be ridiculously cautious for not shooting!

I also ask each of you to withdraw from your hunts anyone with an attitude contrary to a totally secure practice.

I therefore ask everyone to meditate on these few lines before each start of the hunt, and to distribute them widely so that we no longer have to experience such dramas.

Friendships in St Hubert”. Willy Schraen the President of the National Federation of Hunters.

I remind you that this site has been active for 11 years…. so that training in the handling of rifles and other guns is developed by SHOOTERS-HUNTERS….! …and reconsider the safety instructions in the light of behavioral analysis in hunting action!! I am at your disposal, Mr. President, to talk about it. In the meantime here is some reading. Be sure to check the publication date of these articles….

“Finger on the trigger guard”: A jurisprudential obligation!

Hunting legislation: Anthology of nonsense.


Neurotic legislation and incompetence: Towards a ban on the ramp?

Prevention of hunting accidents and management of hunting accidents.

Should you identify before shooting or identify before taking aim? Angry shot or angry zone?

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) for shooting. Instinctive shooting or reflex shooting? “Hunting Drill”©.

But why did he shoot a bear?

When is a hunting license with points?

October 2019

Do you believe it…. an elected member of the Senate asked a written question to the Minister of Ecology to find out if he planned to make the breathalyzer compulsory before the hunt….!!!!

  • Written question no. 12709 de Mr Jean-François Longeot (Doubs – Centrist Union) published in the JO Senate of 24/10/2019 – page 5369.
    “Mr. Jean-François Longeot draws the attention of the Minister for Ecological Transition and solidarity concerning the measures relating to the control of the state of drunkenness of hunters. In fact, in order to avoid accidents related to alcohol consumption before or during hunting activities, he would like to know whether it plans to introduce regulations relating to compulsory screening for alcoholic contamination of persons engaged in hunting and who would be responsible for carrying out these breathalyzers".
  • “Waiting for a response from the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition. »

COMMENT : I draw Mr. Jean-François Longeot's attention to the fact that if alcohol were as easily consumed as he claims during hunting, it would be FIRST, FIRST AND BEFORE EVERYTHING dangerous for the hunters themselves!!! In 20 years of hunting I have never seen hunters consume alcohol before a beat. We must stop the intellectual wank!!!! There are surely fewer alcoholics on the hunt than on a any » refreshment bar in the Luxembourg garden!!!!

All hunting accidents without exception are investigated by the Gendarmerie! Find me a hunting accident with someone who tested positive for alcohol!

In case you can't find it, think about this sentence from PIERRE DAC: “To speak to say nothing or to say nothing to speak are the two major principles of those who should close it before opening it”.

Update of October 27, 2019: A hunter killed by another hunter during a wild boar hunt in Varilhes in Ariège. ….According to the first elements of the investigation, the shooter, a 31-year-old resident of Cintegabelle (77), immediately recognized his irreparable error. It was heard by investigators and subject to alcohol and drug tests, which turned out to be negative.

This article is visible in its original section: “Hunting: Live from the National Assembly and the Senate”.

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  2. hello, as a retiree from the national police where I practiced for 25 years, I have seen a large number of drunk politicians following refreshments at the Luxembourg Palace and the Elysée (example July 14). I say to this gentleman, you should never keep a fart, because it goes up the spine to the brain, and that's where the shitty ideas come from. Heard, hi Mr. Politician, meditate and make good use of it.

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