Geostrategy. Game of GO Americans vs Russians.

Napoleon lost the Empire because he did not understand that he was the toy of the game of GO that the English practiced on the French power

June 2023

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The original article (see below) is dated January 31, 2022

  • To understand well :
  • 1. The Trap in which the Americans pushed Putin by driving him crazy like they did for the Japanese pushing them to attack Pearl-Harbour.
  • 2. Why Putin is guilty and Responsible Americans of the war in Ukraine.
  • 3. How to explain smoking media we are all subject to...

You are going to read this document which dates from March 2022…. It is published by the “Centre Français du Renseignement”: DOCUMENTATION BULLETIN N°27 / March 2022 The military situation in Ukraine. Jacques Baud. Former Colonel of the General Staff, former member of Swiss strategic intelligence, specialist in Eastern European countries. Personally I printed this for people who have SHIT on their eyes!!!

It is certain that after having read these 16 pages, you will no longer see the journalists curés-de-l'info in the same way…. An example : “….The maternity hospital in Mariupol……On March 8, the independent Russian media, publishes the testimony of civilians from Mariupol who say that the maternity hospital was taken over by the militias of the Azov regiment, and drove out the civilian occupants. threatening them with their weapons. They thus confirm the statements of the Russian ambassador a few hours earlier. The Mariupol hospital occupies a dominant position, perfectly adequate for installing anti-tank weapons and for observation. In reality, we don't know exactly what happened. But the sequence of the events tends to confirm that the Russian forces struck a position of the Azov regiment and that the maternity ward was then free of all civilians”.

In an interview published in early May in the Milanese daily Il Corriere della Sera, Pope Francis says: “……….“ NATO's barking at the gates of Russia, prompted the head of the Kremlin to react and wage war on Ukraine. I don't know if this anger was provoked but it helped the anger to rise.

Article written on January 31, 2022

Napoleon favored the frontal attack, the English are masters in the encirclement, this is the game of GO: "The object of the game is to occupy as much space as possible (territories) using very simple equipment: a grid, called goban, and pawns, called stones, which are black or white, which are placed alternately on the grid intersections. The goban is a checkerboard on which is drawn a grid of 19 rows and 19 columns, i.e. 361 intersections. It is strongly advised to play your first games on smaller gobans (9×9 or 13×13 lines, for example), which facilitates the approach to strategy and allows you to better assimilate the mechanics of the game. game can be learned in a few minutes and it allows beginners to play exciting games. In go, two players of very different strengths can play on equal terms thanks to a clever handicap system, and this without in any way distorting the mechanics of the game”.

This technique of encirclement (economic, military, etc.) that the Americans practiced with the success that we know with the Japanese, pushing them to attack and therefore to make mistakes...

The outbreak of the attack on Pearl Harbor follows the economic oil blockade ordered by the USA. BIS REPEAT!!!!


Update September 08, 2022

I am always fascinated by this expression concerning Putin: "We don't know what is going on in his head". One man has perfectly summed up Putin's character, Sergei Jirnov, a former KGB "scout". The crème de la crème of Russian illegal immigrants. You can even add the crème de la crème of the world!

What does he say about Putin: “……According to the former secret agent, the human resources of the Soviet intelligence services had even been alerted to the Putin case. Reports that explained that "this character (Putin, editor's note) did not know how to measure the degree of danger (of its decisions, editor's note) and was therefore dangerous for him and the service”, continues Sergei Jirnov. An alert triggered between 1984 and 1985, according to the latter. The whole Russian intervention in Ukraine is summarized in this situation!

Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky trapped by the Pandora Papers. Revelations are multiplying around the Ukrainian president on numerous business deals via offshore companies. They lead to a political crisis for the leader, who promised to fight these evils when he was elected in 2019.

All the time the news channels deliver ALL the same speech: “Putin killed a journalist”, “Putin bombed a theater”, etc… On the other hand, when the Israeli solats shoot down a journalist who is wearing a bullet-proof vest marked “PRESSE” there, on the other hand, we can read: “star journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, killed Gunshot during an Israeli military operation in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank". She was killed by " a ball ", she was not killed by an israeli soldier* nor by the head of the Israeli state... Killed in a " military operation"... *Attention ! We must be honest to the end: The Palestinian authority refused to hand over the helmet and the bullet that killed the journalist. We can think that the caliber of the bullet is not the one used by the Israeli army, that is to say 5.56. If it's 7.62, that would mean she was murdered by Palestinians to blame the murder on the Israelis….

The same journalist killed in Ukraine here is what it would have given: “President Putin had a journalist assassinated who was nevertheless wearing a bulletproof vest marked “PRESSE”. She was murdered in what must be called A WAR and not a "special operation" or a "military operation". FIND THE MISTAKE !!!!

Update April 23, 2022

Knowing that this article was published on January 31, 2022, here is an LCI screenshot from April 23, 2022:

Updated March 14, 2022

Ukraine is not part of NATO, but Ukraine has been hosting for seven years thousands of American and Canadian military instructors. This is information that the curés-de-information forgot to tell you...

Published on 17/04/2015. Moscow expressed its "Deep concern" in the face of the American military presence in this former Soviet republic, engaged in an armed conflict with the pro-Russian separatists which has caused more than 6.000 deaths in one year.  "Washington's encouraging attitude towards kyiv's revanchist plans risks provoking new bloodshed", pointed the finger at the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement. “What will these soldiers from across the ocean teach them to continue killing those who speak Russian”, asked the ministry, denouncing in this training program a "first step towards the delivery of modern American weapons, as hoped for by the warmongering party of kyiv". 

We call this : “PARTNERSHIP FOR PEACE”. If Lenin lived in our time, he would have confirmed this sentence:

« PARTNERSHIP FOR PEACE = “Make them swallow the word you will make them swallow the thing”.

WIKIPEDIA sheet: "Partnership for Peace (PfP) is a structure of bilateral free association between a State and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)[1], serving to involve in a common approach to peaceful military cooperation countries that do not want to be part of NATO.

« peaceful military cooperation » they say, these Russians definitely don't have the same swallowing skills as the clients of the news priests. It is true that " deep Throat " (Deep Throat) is a US movie not a Russian movie.

NATO/OTAN official website: Or how to manage to provoke a war while pretending to be a nice dove:

Published on 21/04/2015 at 08:00. “Some 300 US paratroopers deployed in western Ukraine began Monday, in the presence of President Petro Poroshenko, to train Ukrainian soldiers to fight the pro-Russian separatists, exercises whose announcement had angered the Kremlin.

“American instructors had already taken part in joint maneuvers with the Ukrainian army”.

 VIDEO. Membership of NATO: in 2005, Vladimir Putin was already threatening, “Ukraine could have problems”.
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the television news of public television. Faced with Christian Malard, journalist at France 3, the Russian president evokes "The problems" that Ukraine could have if it joined NATO.

Update March 02, 2022: Which makes Medvedev, former President of Russia, say:

At the end of the 30s, economic strangulation via an oil blockade, the American game of Go led to the attack on Pearl Harbour.

This clairvoyant answer from DE GAULLE when he learns that Japan has just attacked Pearl Harbour: “The Germans lost the war ". Failing to play the game of GO, DE GAULLE knew three-cushion billiards…

The Americans pushed the Japanese to the attack, causing their loss and that of the Germans in passing. All the same, we must not neglect the essential role, determining the Russians in the permanence of the Eastern front, mobilizing a large part of the German forces, which made it possible to give air to the Americans and to land in Normandy. . Without the Russian front, no US landing.

One can legitimately think that so-called agents of influence, in the service of the English, played a non-negligible role and without the knowledge of the free will of the American elites to push for the economic blockade of Japan.

The English for whom the entry into the war of the Americans was essential, a war that the American people fiercely refused.

Wouldn't he have used the RMS LUSITANIA, an ocean liner torpedoed by the Germans to provoke the immediate entry into the war of the American elites who were only waiting for that….

Let's imagine, it's a hypothesis, that the RMS LUSITANIA had been filled with ammunition and that the Germans had been informed via agents of influence that it was not a cruise ship, but an ammunition transport... Always Is it that this torpedoing had the desired effect: ROOSEVELT went to war immediately against Germany.

It comes back to me a very trivial formula but which perfectly expresses the functioning of an Englishman compared to that of a Frenchman.

This definition is from a French comedian: Rene Cousinier : “The difference between an Englishman and a Frenchman is the difference between an empirical and a Cartesian! The empirical fucks quietly while the Cartesian is pissed off to understand !!! ".

Humor: René Cousinier: “The shark attacks man by mistake”.

Our brave curés-de-l'info (1) and other experts spend their time trying to understand the why and how of what is going on in Vladimir Putin's head. " What is Vladimir Putin's strategy? “Will Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine?

None of these curators-of-information (1) pose the ONLY IMPORTANT QUESTION: WHO BENEFITS FROM THE CRIME???

March 03, 2022: This 45 minute video buried DEFINITELY the profession of reporter information curators.

March 02, 2022: To sum up, if Putin is indeed the culprit of what is happening in Ukraine, it is NATO and its European poodles who are responsible.

  1. Who has been bombing the Dombas region for EIGHT years with more than 14.000 dead on the counter??? The President of Ukraine!!! What have European Poodles been doing for 8 years?? NOTHING !!!
  2. Who promulgated a law to prohibit, including in stores, the use of the Russian language??? The President of Ukraine!!! What have European Poodles been doing for 8 years?? NOTHING !!!

Shock on CNews: raw photos of Ukrainian war crimes throw a chill on Pascal Praud's set. This March 1 on the set of L'heure des pros, war reporter Anne-Laure Bonnel gave news from the Donbass region, in Ukraine. And the images she showed on the air shocked more than one…

February 25, 2022: To fully understand how the curators-of-information and other state radios and TVs put it to you deep (I'm polite) watch this 16-minute video and you'll have EVERYTHING INCLUDED….!! !! At the end of the 16 minutes you will understand who is benefiting from the crime!!!

None of these curates-of-the-info (1) does not see or does not want to see the game of GO that the Americans play vis-à-vis Russia: The theory of encirclement via NATO.

No provocation however gross is visible to these journalists and other experts. Yes ! Pushing Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Poland, and so on and the best to join NATO is a provocation!!!

It is a provocation that has no democratic, economic and/or military basis. No one will fight for the Baltic countries or Ukraine!!

But then, this game of Go, this game of fools, not to say "whores", what is it for? Prodigious and prophetic (!!!) interview with Emmanuel Todd. 2014…

Video interview below: To fully understand what the information curators are saying here is an excerpt from the interview of Pierre Conesa by Sonia Mabrouk.

Sonia Mabrouk replies that the attack on Iraq by the Americans is quote “…A FORM OF INVASION” !!!! « A SHAPE " OF INVASION…….. ????!!! This is the language of the curators of information. George Bush had no more mandate to invade Iraq than Sarkozy had to attack Libya any more than Putin has to attack Ukraine. Imagine a reporter French news clerk saying that Putin's attack on Ukraine is a "FORM OF INVASION"…. !!!!!

Listen to this interview with Pierre Conesa with his outspokenness: Asked whether Vladimir Putin should appear before the international criminal court, he answers: “…..That said, in the waiting room of the International Criminal Court, I hope there will be Georges BUSH”. That's not the language of information curates!!! : Click on the picture.


The Anglo-Saxons did the trick with Napoleon when the French Empire threatened the British Empire, they did the same trick with Germany. We can never say enough about the links that bound the English and Nazi elites. Not to mention the occult component... But that's another story... Accepted without revealing the deception, to incarcerate a look-alike (2) by Rudolf HESS in England and then in Spandau says a lot about the corpses that are still in the dusty cupboards of History….

Without the war, Germany would have become a great economic power which would have competed with the English empire. If in addition she had allied with the French….

Ditto for the Japanese, the Americans began to asphyxiate them economically to better push them to war.

 It was the post-war period that made the fortune of Americans by increasing the economic machine tenfold. “Post-war” and a little boost “ foreign »….. 😉

The Americans push the Russians to the fault by provoking them as much as they can by playing on the patriotic feeling. Ukraine is the cradle of Russia. Ukraine also called: The SHOAH by bullets ».

The Americans are pushing the Russians to make mistakes via Ukraine's membership in NATO. They don't care about human rights, Ukraine is an economic dwarf. What counts is to sting the Russian nationalist feeling and to push it to the attack, therefore to the fault.

Update February 23, 2022: The news priests and the KOUCHNER'S BOYS of the Quai d'Orsay keep telling us that "diplomacy is the long time“. In other words, it's always the same boa constrictor theory: NATO slowly suffocating its prey. The problem is that opposite, Putin believes that the Warsaw Pact ended on February 25, 1991, almost to the day: On February 25, 1991, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense of the seven member countries ( USSR, Bulgaria, Romania, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia) of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, meeting in Budapest, declare the dissolution of the military part of the Warsaw Pact.

NATO had pledged not to recruit other members, but it continues to recruit everywhere around the former USSR, it's the GO GAME theory, encirclement. Poutine reasons in short time, he is tired of being rolled in flour.

It was, it's up to Macron to put a big kick in the NATO anthill and officially declare that he is leaving NATO and asking for its dissolution. Macron was trained at the ENA, he did not experience what De Gaulle experienced, he is a "little telegrapher" from Brussels and the USA. It is not with this kind of leader that we will get out of this crisis...

A document proves that NATO should not expand to the east. The weekly Spiegel, comes, in the middle of the serious Ukrainian crisis, to provide formidably important elements for Russian diplomacy towards the United States, NATO and the EU after the discovery of a document dating from 1991. This text, rediscovered by Joshua Shifrinson, an American political scientist and assistant professor of international relations at Boston University, clearly states that Western countries did indeed promise the leaders of the Soviet Union in 1991 not to expand NATO to the East.

Extracts: “……”Nor should NATO formally or informally expand eastward.". …”We made it clear during the 2 plus 4 negotiations that we would not extend NATO beyond the Elbe (Sic). So we couldn't offer membership to NATO, to Poland and to the others”. ….Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly pointed out that during negotiations on the unification of Germany, the Soviet Union was promised that NATO would not expand. He said this in particular during a press conference in December 2021: « Not an inch to the east, we were told in the 90s. So what ? They cheated. They just blatantly deceived: five waves of NATO expansion, and now, please, in Romania, corresponding systems are now appearing in Poland”.

Update February 22, 2022

Who would benefit from the start of a “world” conflict with the Russians and/or the Chinese?

The reason is simple: The Americans are pushing the Russians and/or the Chinese to war to ERASE their 34.000 billion dollars in debt!!! Only World War III can save America from bankruptcy. Only a Third World War can “reset” the debt.

The American economy is hanging by the skin of the balls!!!

The slightest hitch, the slightest tsunami on the East Coast, the slightest landslide on the San Andreas Fault and the entire American banking and economic system plunges, reducing it to a Third World country, causing a third civil war prophesied to George Washington by " a lady of light during the Battle of VALLEY FORGE in 1777. (3)

The only way to erase this bottomless financial sinkhole is to cause a global economic RESET, so a good war. Then we erase everything and we start again!!!

Americans know they are going to sink into this financial sinkhole any day now, but they don't want to go down alone, they want to drag down the entire global economy.

They are looking for a global financial RESET, not just an American financial RESET.

The fault for the Russians would be to invade Ukraine, the fault for the Chinese would be to invade Taiwan.

Americans have NOTHING TO LOSE! THEY ARE FUCKED!!! It's a matter of days, months...

The only way to break this infernal spiral, to overturn the table, players included, is for a REAL French head of state to overturn the said table, leave NATO, ally with Russia: " a Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals », creates privileged economic links. Why not eventually integrate it into the euro. Obviously it will take counterparts over time. Democratic counterparts, put an end to the mafia system that plagues the country. Breathe new life into the local economy, proximity, etc.

This is how the Gordian knot will be cut and the prophecy of Grand+initiate DE GAULLE will come true: “ Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals ».


(1) “…..curates-of-the-info » : A good example that reinforces this qualification: “Economic sanctions will not prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine. Whatever the price, say analysts.

(2) “…..Rudolf HESS look-alike » : Hugues Thomas was a surgeon at the British military hospital in Berlin, he examined in 1973 and even interrogated prisoner number 7 of Spandau. Hugh Thomas has published a book: The murder of Rudolf Hess”.

The information contained in this book is damning and validates the deception of true-false Rudolf Hess, deception validated by the English.

The OFFICIAL medical file of the real Rudolf HESS is very different from the pseudo Rudolf HESS who lived in Spandau.

The scars do not coincide and it turns out that Hugh Thomas, stationed in 1972 as a military surgeon with the British military hospital in Berlin, was an expert in gunshot wounds, knowledge he acquired during his stay in Belfast, Northern Ireland…

Rudolf Hess in World War I fought on the Western Front and was wounded twice in 1916 and again in 1917 when he was shot in the chest and hit in the lung.

  1. The OFFICIAL medical file of the real Rudolf Hess specifies:
  2. June 12, 1916: Wounded near Douaumont, artillery missile left hand and arm.
  3. July 25, 1917: Wounded in the hills in the left arm.
  4. August 08, 1917: He is seriously injured in the left lung. He was wounded so seriously that it put an end to his effective service in the infantry. He spent four months in the hospital. Remains in convalescence until February 1918.

Hugh Thomas, Spandau's military surgeon takes advantage of being alone with prisoner no. 7 and says: “….When Voitov (the Russian guard) disappeared, at the moment I jumped at the chance, crossed the room and came to stand very close to number 7 who was taking off his blouse. For a few seconds he found himself completely naked standing in front of me, then he stretched an arm back, reaching for the sleeve of his shirt. As he did this he exposed his entire torso to my scrutinizing gaze. This man had never been shot twice in the chest during the First World War or at any other time nor had he been injured in the arm”.

During the second medical visit: “Immediately he took off his shirt, still sitting on the edge of the table, and began to put on a very warm dressing gown. During this time, I could once again see his torso perfectly. I pointed to him as I walked and said to him in a friendly and direct tone: "What happened to your war wounds?" So superficial? »

  • This question startled him. His demeanor changed instantly. From happy and gay as he was, he turned pale and began to tremble. For a short moment he stared at me bewildered and looking disbelieving. Then he looked down, avoiding my gaze. After what seemed like an eternity he muttered: “too late too late”. He was shaking so violently that I was afraid he might have a heart attack, so I muttered unimportant words and quietly retreated to my corner. Number 7 got up and hurried across the room to the cabin, letting out a stream of baryta and diarrhea that spilled onto the floor.”

The false Rudolf Hess always refused to see his friends and his wife again and for good reason, when he met her 28 years later she would point out to him: " You have changed your voice is very different from what I remembered your voice is deeper”.

Hugh Thomas: «  It is physically impossible that his voice has become deeper over time. Whether she realized it or not, Frau Hess had come across a near physical impossibility. Any male voice HILL with age normally rather than going down. Physical processes associated with age elevate timbre, not the other way around. »

At Nuremberg he does not even recognize the two secretaries who had worked for him during the war.

Hugh Thomas, the military surgeon stationed at Spandau concludes his book: "The Murder of Rudolf Hess" : “The prisoner must be examined by internationally renowned experts before it is too late. They will find what I have described. As evidenced by his file and HIS WIDOW, the real Rudolf HESS was shot in the chest in 1917. Prisoner No. 7 was never shot. Any experienced surgeon will see it immediately, because a torso cannot lie”.  Do you have to be internationally renowned expert«  to see the injuries caused by 2 bastos of 7mm in the lungs… His remains were cremated upon his death. !!!!

(3) “…..prophesied third civil war” :

Visitation of the Immaculate Conception to Georges WASHINGTON in 1777 at VALLEY FORGE:  “Looking up, I saw a particularly beautiful woman standing in front of me. A mysterious angelic voice (Editor's note: a male voice) spoke from beyond her (NDR: The voice of a Trinitarian Person whose Our Lady comes to speak?). My tongue had become useless, as if paralyzed. Little by little, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to be filled with sensations and light”.

This vision of a Woman of Light announces to her three great perils

First danger: the war of independence (1775-1783):

« Sons of the Republic said the same mysterious voice, watch and learn ». At that moment, I saw a dark being, a shadow being, like an Angel, standing or rather floating in the air, between Europe and America. Gathering water from the ocean in the palm of each hand, he sprinkled a little of it on America with his right hand, while with his left hand he threw some on Europe.

Immediately, rose from these countries the two parts of the same cloud which united in mid-ocean. For a time the cloud remained stationary, then it moved slowly westward, until it enveloped America in its dark folds. Violent lightning flashes flashed through it, at intervals, and I heard the muffled moans and cries of the American people (NDR: it is about the revolutionary war of Independence).

A second time, the dark angel took water from the ocean, and he poured it out as before. The black cloud was then brought back towards the ocean, the upheaval of the waves of which disappeared. A third time, I heard the mysterious voice: "Son of the Republic, she said look and learn". I cast my eyes over America and saw villages, towns and cities springing up one after another, until all the lands, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, were strewn with them. »

Second Peril: The Civil War (1861-1865):

"Once again I heard the mysterious voice say: 'Son of the Republic, here comes the end of the century (Editor's note: the XNUMXth century) look and learn”. Then the dark angel turned his face to the south, and Africa (NDR: Allusion to the importation of slaves from Africa, slavery being instituted in America from the second half of the XNUMXth century), I saw an ominous specter approaching our land. He passed slowly over each town and village of the latter. The inhabitants there themselves were now resolutely arrayed in battle order against each other”. “As I continued to look, I saw a luminous angel, and on his forehead rested a crown of light on which was inscribed the word 'Union'; he held the American flag which he placed in the middle of the divided nation, then he said: “Remember that you are all brothers”. Instantly, the people, throwing away their weapons became friends once again, and united around the National Flag”.

Third Peril: Foreign Countries Attack the United States (Editor's note: Or an ideology, that of the extreme left?) but then we speak of a third civil war, a third civil war.

"And again I heard the mysterious voice say, 'Sons of the Republic, look and learn.' At these words, the dark, shadow-like angel placed a trumpet to his lips and blew three distinct sounds; and taking water from the ocean, he poured it over Europe, Asia and Africa. Then my eyes saw a frightening scene: from each of these countries rose thick black clouds which soon united into one. All this mass shone with a dark red light (Editor's note: The ideology WOKE far left?) through which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, reached by land and sea the soil of America.​​« dark red light”: Pcould it be the red cloud that a volcano will cause??? In this case Yellowstone??? Could it be a civil war following the explosion of Yellowstone in the West and a mega tsunami in the East, which will put the whole country on the ground??? The hypothesis of a civil war which would turn against the WOKE phenomenon is really not to be excluded….

Icelandic volcano. March 2021

Our country was enveloped in this mass of clouds, and I saw these vast armies devastating the whole country and burning all the villages, towns and cities that I had seen arise. As my ears heard the thunder of cannon, the clank of swords, and the cries and cries of millions in mortal combat, I heard again the mysterious voice that said, "Son of the Republic, look and learn”. NDR: Is this a new Civil War, a civil war???

When the voice had ceased, the shadow-like dark angel lifted his trumpet once more to his mouth, and blew a long, terrible breath. Immediately a light like a thousand suns shone above me and descended [from heaven], piercing and scattering into fragments the dark cloud that enveloped America.

At the same time, the Angel on whose head the word Union still shone, and who carried our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from Heaven assisted by legions of white Angels. They immediately joined the inhabitants of America whom I felt were practically defeated but who immediately drew new courage from it, reformed their broken ranks and resumed the fight.

Again, amidst the dreadful noise of battle, I heard the mysterious voice say, "Son of the Republic, watch and learn." As the voice fell silent, the dark angel drew water from the ocean for the last time and poured it over America. Instantly the dark cloud disappeared, along with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious!

Then, once more, I saw the villages, towns and cities springing up where I had seen them before, while the luminous Angel, planting in their midst the azure banner which he had brought, shouted in a loud voice: "As long as the stars remain, and the heavens dispense their dew on the earth, the Union will last". And taking from his forehead the crown on which was emblazoned the word "Union", he placed it on the flag while the people, on their knees, said: "Amen".

Conclusion:  The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve, and in the end I saw nothing but the steam that I had first seen swirling up. That also disappeared, and I found myself once again gazing at the mysterious visitor, who, in the same voice I had heard, said, "Son of the Republic, what you saw must be interpreted as follows: three great perils will threaten the Republic.

The most frightening is the third, but in this great conflict, the whole united world will not prevail against it. May every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union”.

At these words the vision disappeared, I rose from my seat and realized that I had had a vision in which the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States had been shown to me. And so according to this vision, there is still hope for America: may she live for God and keep the faith, and she will eventually be victorious, with God's help, after overcoming this third peril. . (Editor's note: Yellowstone and/or the ideology of the extreme left that plagues universities and all institutions ???. Civil war ??? The source of this text, modified only in its interpretation is here.

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