Insolent suggestions for improving hunting safety and practice.

Updated February 14, 2024

Fact or fiction ???????

A hunter shoots a wild boar to help local residents: he is convicted in court!

First, that the Law recognizes the traditional, cultural and rural aspect of driven hunting as it is still practiced in the countryside. Let it be a “Law of fundamental freedom” which is imposed on all and from which we cannot derogate from it locally. We see that there are more and more vexatious and characterized measures towards hunters. Everyone in their corner, goes out, who their little decree, “we should go back around and bring everyone together before putting a dog back on “one foot” !!!We think we’re dreaming!! On the one hand we accuse hunters of not killing enough wild boar and on the other hand, we do everything for them. FUCK, prevent them from hunting!In Dordogne, the Prefect asks the gendarmes to fine hunters who do not park in specific areas (!!!) even though hikers or mushroom pickers park wherever they want. Gentlemen mayors, after the parking areas for “nomads” and “camper vans”, you now need to build parking areas for “hunters”, “hikers” and why not areas for “telephoning”, “smoking” areas ”, “non-smokers”, etc…. We can clearly see that all these measures are taken by anti-hunting people who do not declare openly. On the other hand, the amount of damage to cereals, damage whose prices are soaring, is attributed to hunters. It is time for the public authorities to publish a hunting law that applies to everyone and for officials, however high up, not to be able to add their grain of disorder. It is time for the Hunters’ Federations to take initiatives…!!

“…..You will learn for example in this interview that a hunter had his weapons taken away because his dog had escaped from his home and bit someone.”These are excesses resulting from an animalist and/or anti-hunting ideology behind which certain judges and/or administrations hide. Here too, this will have to be resolved with the next elections!!! Another measure, on hunting days, be able to travel without a pass on all the ACCA forest trails where you hunt. The membership card serving as authorization to travel or a piece of paper on the dashboard indicating the name of the hunting company and the day of the hunt, possibly the name of the hunt manager for verification. Certain provisions of the “Safety section” of the Departmental Hunting Management Scheme (SDGC) approved by the Prefect of Haute Garonne on December 21, 2006, seems rather to have been knowingly developed to discourage hunters from practicing their leisure. Failing to have this will, it demonstrates above all and it Therein lies the paradox, a total ignorance of driven hunting. And above all, it absolutely does not raise the question of the effectiveness and dangerousness of most 12 caliber bullets. Which is still a shame for provisions that pride themselves on safety!!!! And what about the questions that I raise in relation to mortally injured animals? Read on the F.A.C.E (Federation of Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Associations) website. All texts are translated into French. This paragraph extracts from FACE's position in relation to the NATURA 2000 project and adopted by its management committee on 13.09.2003. FACE's position in relation to NATURA 2000: Extract: …”Member States should therefore ensure that the designation of NATURA 2000 sites is not used as an alibi to restrict hunting, as this would be to the detriment of wildlife conservation.”

For modernized, friendly hunting, retaining its rural specificity

Insolent proposals to reform hunting

Since 2012, let us recognize that this socialist government has done what the previous right-wing government had not done: Change the legislation on weapons, which notably prohibited us from accessing 30.06, 308, etc. Other requests will see the day after various meetings with the European Commission in July 2016. There are still blockages due to a total lack of knowledge of weapons by senior officials lulled a little too close to the TV.... ! You only have to look at the latest equipment purchased by the Ministry of the Interior (April 2016) to measure all their incompetence…! Describing them in detail would unfortunately be counterproductive! Removal of the UBUESQUE fixed charger obligation on semi-autos, we are the only country in the world to have this obligation. We are even the inventors, for once…!!!! When there is something stupid to invent….!!Hence the impossibility of securing a weapon by removing the magazine!!! Aberrant!!! On the other hand, I advocate a legislative and rigorous incompatibility between a semi-auto magazine and a bolt-action rifle magazine in the same brand.

Miscellaneous legislative provisions

Extension of the ACCA regime to the entire national territory

Currently two regimes coexist: that of the ACCA (Loi Verdeille) and that totally FEUDAL, let us not be afraid of words, under the regime of the Law of 1901 without the provisions of the Verdeille law. This regime of the 1901 law allows anything and everything to be written in the statutes of the hunting society. Whereas in the case of an ACCA, the prefect targets the statutes and rejects them if they are contrary to the law. In the case of the VERDEILLE law, the absence of a law allows the owner of a territory to accept or refuse any hunter, depending on the prince's decision. You can live in a town for 30 years and not be able to hunt! Is this normal? Since there is no ACCA, there can be as many hunting companies as there are owners. A resident of the municipality who does not own land cannot even hunt in his own municipality. A fine example of democracy when we allow ourselves to write that it is necessary  “to maintain territorial cohesion and maintain the solidarity and intergenerational exchange essential to the maintenance of hunting and rural culture. » On the other hand, people who own a residence in which they are likely to live, which therefore excludes buildings of a professional nature (shops, businesses, etc.), must appear, the year of their admission, for the fourth year without interruption, to the role of one of the four direct contributions.

To be replaced by: Reduce the period of 4 years to 2 years to be able to hunt in a municipality, for those who have " a residence in which they are likely to live, which therefore excludes buildings of a professional nature (shops, businesses, etc.)”. The period runs from the date of the notarial deed or the signing of the lease. The salt that is spread on the roads poisons deer! Strangely we don’t hear any environmentalists on the subject!

Practical hunting license tests

The regulations concerning the handling of a weapon, even hunting, should not fall within the competence of a hunting official, these provisions must be taken by qualified shooting instructors, to avoid the current stupidity: Official position for the France (and against all the rest of the world) to obtain a hunting license during the practical examination. The fingers must be completely folded on the butt! When senior French officials reinvent the handling of a weapon! Distressing, pathetic! More explanations in the article:

“Finger on the trigger guard”: A jurisprudential obligation!

Obligation to pass shooting tests

Compulsory shooting test on “running wild boar” stationary target. Distance: 50 meters. Shooting 4 bullets in less than 2 minutes, with or without a riflescope. Only zones between 5 and 2 are taken into account. Zones 0 and 1 are eliminatory. Elimination test. Compulsory shooting test on “running wild boar” at slow speed. Shooting 3 bullets, with or without a riflescope. Only zones between 5 and 2 are taken into account. Zones 0 and 1 are eliminatory. No penalties, but a test giving the right to additional points to obtain the license. Can be used as a catch-up for the theoretical exam. The most important thing is to encourage hunters to shoot correctly and even more than correctly. That’s the main thing! Optional shooting test used to obtain the “elite” mention. Modalities to be defined. Establishment of a statement for obtaining the permit. “Good, very good, elite.” Wearing a numbered badge (paid) attesting to having obtained the “elite” designation.

French hunters, get your German equivalent of the French hunting permit.

  • “In Nordrhein-Westfalen:
  • You have to put 3 balls out of 5 in the "9" on the running boar. For the "Keiler" (Editor's note: adult male boar) it is actually necessary to put at least 3 balls out of 5 in the delimited area visible in the photo below (head balls very strongly discouraged, in beaten as on the lookout) , free arm shot.
  • Do 45 points on the deer silhouette at 100 meters. The 45 points on the deer silhouette are to be made with 5 balls. Shooting from a lookout chair.
  • Shoot 3 clay pigeons out of 10 at clay pigeon shooting.
  • If you fail one of the tests, you can try your luck a second time on the same day, only for the test you failed. In the event of another failure, the shooting test must be retaken in full at the end of August.
  • German law allows any hunter to own up to two handguns.
  • The difference between long weapons and short weapons differs only by the registration of the competent service: in general the "Polizeipraesidium" of the place of residence which intervenes for handguns before the recovery of the weapon from the seller. When it comes to carrying and carrying, there is no difference between weapons.
  • Handguns are carried for hunting without special requirements other than safety.
  • Sports shooters have a wider authorization, but hunters if they are also shooters, can use this as an argument to exceed the limit of 2 to serve game, in German: "Fangschuss".
  • There is no handgun shooting test on the exam, but instruction sessions including a shooting one, which gives rise to the establishment of a separate certificate, which must be presented during registration for the exam – during training, and handling with inert ammunition (Pufferpatrone) during the oral-practical test before the jury, in the part devoted to the “knowledge of weapons” field,

Continuing education of hunters

Improve hunter performance

Improve performance, therefore forcing hunters to know their weapon better. Because the more you shoot, the more you get used to your weapon, the more you get used to a weapon, the less danger you are to yourself and to others. But also, injuring much less than we currently injure, which is a major problem. Creation, as for skiers or martial arts practitioners, of qualification degrees for shooting the common wild boar. For what ? To create a certain emulation between the hunters and have them pass through the stand a little more often. Each level would obviously be marked by additional difficulties such as speed, precision, etc.
Running boar: degrees of progression:

  1. red beast
  2. Wild boar
  3. xxx
  4. xxx
  5. xxx
  6. xxx
  7. xxx
  8. Suscofra
To bring more hunters to the stand, there should still be shooting stands and they should be financially affordable.Creation of a shooting school. When I got my license in 1999. There weren't even practical shooting tests. It was only compulsory very recently and even then it consists of checking that you distinguish an orange tray from a black one. The entire rest of the test takes place with blank cartridges. Think about the driving license if you had to take it on a closed circuit for fear of hurting the examiner...! The shooting ranges close one after the other, those that remain are managed by volunteers and are quite expensive. Oblige the Hunters' Federations to open at least one stand per department, or even two for departments with a hunter rate greater than xxxx. Shooting range dedicated solely to running wild boar in collaboration with FFTir or ball-trap shooting ranges. From my point of view, the proximity of a FFTir shooting school would be a plus. These stands should be compensated by the Federation and each hunter should be able to do a free session of 5 to 10 balls per season, then a modest price for the other sessions. To give an idea of ​​the current situation, there is only one installation of this type in Midi-Pyrénées, open on Tuesday afternoons and from March to November…!! It costs 1 €uro per bullet fired. This is not how we are going to increase security. This is not how we will obtain clean shots and fewer needlessly injured animals who will die in the wild, in the greatest suffering. With half of the hunters expected to disappear or renew themselves in the next 10 years, we cannot release so many people into the wild without adequate training in the handling of a weapon and with training as obsolete as that which is currently being broadcast, completely ignoring the realities on the ground.
There is a diploma for SPORTS SHOOTING “Sports Shooting Instructor.” What are we waiting for to create a diploma: “Hunting Shooting Monitor” ? This would avoid NONSENSE of style : " fingers closed on the butt“…..

The archers have theirs…. Why not us ? Provided that it is shooters who deliver the training, not bureaucrats.

Dispositions to improve safety in the field

“Finger on the trigger guard”: A jurisprudential obligation!

Hunting radios: For a switch to VHF (or FM) 5 Watts and to all-digital.

Hunting safety: The watchtowers and "raised shooting stations" called into question!

We expect from legislators so-called powers public » that it legislates so that we cannot prohibit the installation of an elevated shooting post, within the limit of two meters, as long as there is no aesthetic challenge to the surrounding landscape and as long as hunting safety requires it: flat ground, proximity to a road, cycle path. See the concrete proposals made in the article. Since wearing fluorescent outfits there has been a clear improvement in the identification of other hunters. Once and for all you should know that fluorescent orange is the official color of “ the survival ". It is the color best perceived by the human eye and at all latitudes including at the North Pole, where comparative tests were carried out and which proved that yellow was very poorly perceived, while orange made it possible to spot an individual several kilometers away. Wearing an orange vest must be the subject of a national measure. No vest and/or cap, but vest for everyone and optional cap. When stating his name or signing the hunt log, the hunter must present an orange vest! Ban on yellow vests! Train “hunting first aiders” and validate a specific procedure for implementing first aid for hunting accidents. Define an emergency code for hunting accidents, involving the immediate deployment of a helicopter if necessary. Mandatory one-day participation in a training session on what to do in the event of a hunting accident that cannot be necessarily serious. For each ACCA, several volunteer hunters among the most diligent in the hunts and preferably stingers who are more often affected as victims and who move more quickly. They must carry a specific emergency kit, including the C.A.T tourniquet. The training and renewal of the “beat leader” certificate must be conditional on a one-day course in “first aid” training. hunting”.Hunters registered for the day’s hunt must be considered in the same way as “ Have rights » rural roads, for example peasants. The population of hunters being very aging, many hunters who can no longer leave their car close enough to the post, and then end up on foot, are forced to abandon hunting altogether. Hunting, unlike hiking, does not most often lasts only three or four hours maximum. As long as the vehicle does not obstruct the passage, there should be no administrative hassle.We are hunters, we are not motorized hikers! So we must be able to borrow a meadow if it is not cultivated and it is accessible, subject to passing through the sides, obviously!!! Deletion of the articles concerning the ban on the circulation of vehicles, to be replaced by recommendations and demand that Presidents force their members to gather in cars, require their members to have at least two hunters per vehicle. Changing mentalities so as not to end up with bans, we call that “education”!!! We cannot on the one hand sanction ourselves if we do not achieve a quota of 60% of the hunting plan and we prevent the movement or recovery of animals which can weigh up to 200 kg without the aid of a vehicle! We must be able to access all uncultivated fields to look for animals. “Registration for the hunt constitutes authorization to circulate throughout the hunting territory”.

  • Hunters registered for the day's hunt must be able to park on the side of small municipal and/or departmental roads for the duration of the hunt, as long as at least two wheels are off asphalt.
  • The so-called “hunter parking lots” are an administrative fad that has nothing to do with Reality!!!
  • If there must be a violation, it must be accompanied by a photo of the offender.
  • Here too, you need a piece of paper or a card on the board of the dashboard with the name of the hunter registered for the hunt, the hunting company, the day of the hunt, the name of the person in charge of the hunt. The hunt log must have an additional column for the registration of vehicles traveling on the day of the hunt.

Placing bracelets on game

Currently, you can't move a meter a game subject to the hunting plan: Deer for example. We must change this rule which poses a lot of difficulties, particularly in mid-mountains, and while we wait until we can deliver them by drone (!!!), we should be able to move the game to the foot of the vehicle while waiting for the beatmaster brings the bracelet. It is forbidden to load it under penalty of a heavy fine, this is the necessary consideration.

Elimination of ineffective 12 gauge bullets that may present a danger

Mandatory penetration test for all 12 caliber bullets at a distance of 30 meters minimum, 40 meters maximum on a fir board whose thickness must simulate a 50 kg wild boar. 61 cm barrel. NF or ISO standard to be defined, ban on using other projectiles. Decommissioned projectiles will end up in shooting galleries. Define a standard for electrified fencing, in particular by imposing the 3-wire principle. Require the installation of a box with a tamper-proof electronic device validating the opening and closing times of the electric fence and its proper functioning, particularly at night. No compensation if no proof.

Regarding huntable and non-huntable land

Concerning the lands whose owners declare them “non-huntable” and which in theory are also responsible for the damage caused by big game, but in practice no one looks for their responsibilities and what's more they go hunting on others' property…. !!! :All unfenced land should become huntable again by default and for a period of 6 years, except with notice of 1 year before the opening of the hunt, addressed to the hunting society and the federation. – All damage caused by the great game within a radius of 20 km around the said damage are shared equally by the owners who have declared their land non-huntable. – Non-huntable and closed land is land fenced two meters high and 30 centimeters of cement buried. Removal of the ban on standing near a field where the farmer is ensiling corn. Ban on shooting limited to deer but authorized for wild boars. Concerning the real good-bad idea that it would be enough to ban weapons to solve the “weapons problem”. We still need to know what problems we are talking about...

I add an extract of the debates that took place in 2003. in the Belgian Senate. Uplifting!!! Senate of Belgium. THURSDAY 3 APRIL 2003

Proposal for a law regulating economic and individual activities with weapons (by Mr. Josy Dubié and others, Doc. 2-1158)Excerpts: “……Why this resistance to change? Why this desire not to meet the concerns of a certain number of parliamentarians? You have to realize, Mr. Minister, that everyone shares the objective of the project. It is obvious that we must reduce the risk involved in the possession of a weapon and prevent anyone, including dangerous people, from finding themselves in possession of a weapon that can injure or kill. This is the general objective, which no one disputes.The main thing was to know whether the bill as presented met this objective. After having read the proposal, after having examined it line by line and word by word, we believe that this is not the case and that, ultimately, this objective will not be achieved and that we will end up on the contrary, because that we wanted to establish a finicky system for all categories, not to discourage and reduce the number of weapons in circulation, but to increase the black market.By dint of wanting to create problems for hunters, shooters, collectors, gunsmiths, engravers and carvers, especially of hunting rifles, we end up with a climate of generalized bad humor.You know very well, Minister, that Belgium is a small country with four borders and that it is therefore very easy, regardless of where you are, to go to Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany or France to find without difficulty, even without control in certain circumstances, what we do not need, but want.Do the bans have the effect of reducing the risks? Comparison is not right and statistics do not always reveal the truth, but some examples experienced in foreign countries have shown that the bans have not led to a decrease in crime. The Sunday Times headlined at the end of October 2002: “Murder numbers in Britain hit highest level in 135 years. 2002 murders were committed in the London area during the first months of 22. Increase of 2001% compared to the same period of the year 1.”. Now, you know very well, Mr. Minister, that the possession of handguns, pistols and revolvers was prohibited in this country.(XNUMX)The number of assaults committed with these weapons is on the rise, despite the fact that these official pistols and revolvers should no longer be in the possession of shooters. You will answer me that these are only statistics. They show all the same that prohibition never prohibited anything. I much prefer a good knowledge of the situation to prohibition, because it makes it possible to manage the flow of armaments much better than a general prohibition. It's easy, of course! We will tell the press that we have done everything necessary to reduce the number of weapons and that, in certain cases, we can no longer own a weapon without submitting to a complicated procedure. The population will be happy but that will not change anything in the current situation.Moreover, it is not a genocide that one commits with the weapons held by private individuals. I have never seen competitive hunters or shooters chasing each other in the streets shooting, like Lucky Luke, faster than their shadow! Attacks committed with weapons are the work of thugs. And they don't buy their Kalashnikovs (2) from the local gunsmith by politely asking for permission, producing a certificate of good character and flaunting their knowledge of gun regulations. They frequent parallel markets which are said to be well known and which allow, at two or three o'clock in the morning, to buy Kalashnikovs for a few thousand francs, ammunition included.We must therefore realize that this proposal does not solve the alarming problem of the increase in the number and power of weapons held by criminals. Moreover, these have long since passed the stage of Kalashnikovs and M-16s. They have indeed happened to attack banks with bazookas. However, the bazooka cannot be bought from honest professional gunsmiths! (3)I conclude that draconian legislation on weapons owned by individuals does not necessarily lead to a reduction in accidents and assaults. Moreover, this proposal absolutely does not resolve the question of gangsterism. The gangsters obviously use weapons that they cannot find on the official market.We want Belgium to have a reasonable law allowing it to achieve the aims pursued, namely to bring hidden weapons out of the shadows and to fight crime while avoiding harming the professional or sporting activity of honest folks. We faced big problems, especially for hunting and competitive shooting. It was really necessary to work to avoid that we question this type of discipline and that we consider one day that it is no longer possible, for a competitive shooter, to practice his sport - very interesting moreover , especially for self-control – in Belgium. By dint of multiplying this type of limitation, we end up with prohibitions. This reminds me of a similar problem. The previous government took a series of measures so drastic against rallies that it ended up suppressing (4) practically all rallies in Belgium. There are only a few left who survive with great difficulty. Prohibition never stopped anything.Crime committed with this type of weapon will obviously not decrease. I don't see how a thug could politely ask for authorization for the weapon he will use in his next robbery. Walloon craftsmen – engravers – linked to the arms sector have already seen their activities decline sharply following the introduction, in the category of weapons subject to authorisation, of handguns. Given the risk of seeing the weapon subject to authorization thus engraved not remaining in the possession of the heirs, this practice is no longer used and therefore the removal of weapons subject to authorization risks leading to a large reduction, if not the death warrant of this whole sector.We also know that in some places, it is forbidden to leave the path and we have already seen country guards prevent Sunday walkers from leaving the path to go sit on the edge of a river. This kind of blanket bans should no longer be used. (4)The crime is elsewhere. It is not the fact of the 95% of honest people who have a weapon, perhaps, but who know how to use it and do not cause the slightest damage.. END OF QUOTE.

My comments : This quotation : “Because if the 19th century was the century of individualism (liberalism always meaning individualism) we can expect this to be the century of collectivism, therefore the century of the State.”1. In England, we have banned all weapons to such a ridiculous extent that Olympic shooters come to train in France.2. The tightening of legislation on weapons only dried up a parallel market which remained in almost “common” weapons to provoke an arms race and opened up the markets of Eastern Europe which was just waiting for that. Prohibiting weapons is a solution that only hurts pseudo-rebels. See the English model. There is now more crime in Scotland than in Washington!!!!!3. The black market for conventional weapons having dried up, we take what we find and we end up finding it all normal and much more effective. And as the penalties are not proportional depending on the type of weapons used……Editing the article in MONDE of June 23, 2008: “FATAL BLADES”: This is happening in England, a country which invented the suppression of all weapons fire, even to the point that their shooters come to train in FRANCE. “Come on, my good sir, by eliminating firearms, we eliminate crime!! it’s a pseudo-rebel who tells you this.” How far can human stupidity go….!!!!??? we will probably never know, but we are starting to get a glimpse. The result of this suppression of weapons is that crime has soared everywhere in GREAT BRITAIN and read this: “In the first five months of 2008, 17 young people were killed in the London area, mostly by knife wounds, and around XNUMX were injured.” “……. Kit Malthouse, the new deputy mayor for police affairs, sees no other short-term solution: “Since we arrived at the town hall, a kid gets killed every four or five days by another kid, it's is unbearable, we are forced to react more strongly.”Gentlemen technocrats who fantasized at the time and who managed to ban the pump shotgun* for hunting, with the consequences described above, you read correctly: a kid is killed with knives in LONDON every four days by another kid!! *Note that the rifled shotgun is now classified in category C. But what are you waiting for to advise your English colleagues to ban the sale of all kitchen knives, all steak knives. A kid killed every four days by a knife and just in LONDON….!!!! but we must dare to put plastic chicken cutting knives into circulation!!!!! And with a round toe again!! But what are you waiting for to apply the precautionary principle in FRANCE...!!! The fact is that right-thinking people will retort: ​​“But what does this have to do with the abolition of firearms?” Very relevant question, by the way. My equally relevant response: We don't know why, but we are forced to note that when we completely prohibit the possession of firearms, we arrive at the same situation as when there are no regulations. Go figure out why! An American study arrived at similar results on people who NEVER drink a drop of wine, they have the same cardiovascular problems as people who drink too much!!! We now realize that there are tannins in wine, which help thin the blood in the arteries. Without doubt, the regulated and intelligent possession of weapons induces in an individual a feeling of responsibility, the impression of being taken for an adult. Switzerland, a country where 73% of men who have completed their military service, keep their own assault rifle at home (the sealed box of 24 cartridges was recently removed). Almost 100% of Swiss keep their service handgun. So Switzerland should be a huge battlefield, if we are to believe our English model.

Rifle or shotgun depending on the environment

Seine-et-Marne: a 21-year-old motorist injured by a stray bullet from a wild boar hunter. While driving on a very busy road near Montereau, the young woman was hit by a hunter's bullet. The projectile passed through her windshield and injured her left hand. She could lose the use of a finger.Comment: The 300, 270 and other 7 REM have nothing to do in these flat countrysides with houses and roads everywhere. I say that as a hunter and as a shooter. My texts demonstrate my skills. Personally, I learned to hunt in mid-mountains; the day I found myself on a plain as flat as a sea of ​​oil, I scared myself! No matter where I was aiming there was something... The shooting is good but it remains theoretical. When I'm invited to this kind of place, I only take the gun!!! It's all in this article! We will have to impose the rifle in certain territories. A PROUD rifle and bullets because they are the safest to date!!!

Why don't rifles have their place in open country and peri-urban areas?

Neurotic legislation and incompetence: Towards a ban on the ramp?

Should you identify before shooting or identify before taking aim? Angry shot or angry zone?

Prevention of hunting accidents and management of hunting accidents.

National Assembly: Proposed law on the organization of hunting.

Hunting legislation: Anthology of nonsense.

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  1. Very interesting, alas there is no more deaf than the one who does not want to hear.
    An observation: armored bullets are full metal jacket and not backgammon.
    I agree with you on just about everything. 2 points in particular: the current boar shooting ranges, there are not enough of them. I am in the 46, I would like to do some and it's not easy.
    Then I have an argo semi-auto, it's hell to unload. Even having removed the chambered bullet, it's not reassuring for me and the others to see someone spend so much time fiddling under the breech block while turning their weapon in all directions. Beautiful French Conn…ie. Unacceptable.unbearable!
    Good night

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