My pillars of wisdom.

Lawrence of Arabia's preface to his book: "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" : “Wisdom has built herself a house, she has carved out seven pillars”. The Bible. Book of Proverbs IX,1-6.

My Pillars of Wisdom

1. “The art of those who excel at solving problems, do it before they happen…..«  Confucian.

2. « What is the difference between a wise man and an intelligent man? The intelligent man knows how to solve a problem that the wise man knew how to avoid”. “An intelligent person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it. Albert Einstein.

2b. “I am a simplist and a simplifyer”. The author of the site.

3. “There is no problem, there are only solutions. The human mind then invents the problem”. Andre Gide.

3.bis: “There are no complicated problems, only simple solutions”. The author of the site.

3b. “Anything that is complicated is useful. Everything that is complicated and unnecessary brings us a maximum in after-sales service”. This has always been the motto of the Western Military-Industrial Complex unbeknownst to the free will of the politicians.

4. “Anything complicated is useless. Everything useful is simple. That's always been my motto.". Mikhail Kalashnikov.

5. “Those who dream at night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was all vanity; but day dreamers are dangerous men, they can act out their dreams with their eyes open, to make them possible. That's what I did ". Lawrence of Arabia.

6. “All women should be treated like princesses and all princesses like…. women ". Frank Sinatra?

7. "The difference between an empirical and a Cartesian is the difference between an English and a French, the empirical fucks quietly while the Cartesian is bored to understand". Rene Cousinier.

8. “Today's certainties are tomorrow's problems”. The author of the site.

9. When a doctor asks me if I have a pathology, I answer: "JI was born young with a Peter Pan syndrome, so I am a child who refuses to grow up”. The author of the site.

10. "The form is the bottom that rises to the surface". Victor Hugo.

11. "You can't tell the light to a blind man. We give him back his sight, where we are silent”. Pier Carpi.

12. « Knowledge is also the putting into perspective of various overlapping information”. ??

13. “Everything is determined by forces over which we have no control. This applies to the insect as much as to the star. Human beings, vegetables, cosmic dust, we all dance to the sound of mysterious music, played from a distance by un invisible flutist ». Albert Einstein.

14. « God (The Invisible Flutist) protects with kindness all those who trust him”. Ezra 8, 22.

15. “We have the children we deserve”. The author of the site.

16. “No woman can resist a handsome guy who dances well”. Annie Chey…

17.  “We live because we dance, we live as long as we dance”. Rudolf Nureyev.

18. “Most women want to be playdough when they're in love. They want to be changed. They are modified anyway by man”. Jane Fonda.

Quotes to think about to manage the chaos of everyday life...

 "What we call chance is only our inability to understand a degree of higher order." Jean Guitton.

« Chance corresponds to incomplete information.

Albert Einstein: “The idea that the order and precision of the universe, in its innumerable aspects, would be the result of blind chance is as implausible as if, after the explosion of a printing press, all the characters fell earth in dictionary order”.

Albert Einstein: “Everything is determined by forces over which we have no control. This applies to the insect as much as to the star. Human beings, vegetables, cosmic dust, we all dance to the sound of mysterious music, played from a distance by an invisible flutist”.

Albert Einstein: " God does not play dice ".

James Gardner: "To say that the Cosmos appeared by chance is a bit like believing that if you wait long enough, a Boeing 747 will assemble itself, from the dust existing in the asteroid belt".

“The lazy mortgaging of chance is the alibi of ignorance or bias”. Raoul Auclair.

The evidence of the order will lead to the evidence of the Ordinator.

If we find an order, we will have to agree on an Ordinator.

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One thought on “My Pillars of Wisdom.”

  1. Good night and thank you !

    I came across this miraculouslyloving site about 2 years ago after researching 2 dreams that happened to me the night before, one about the Russian football team, and the other about a total deconfinement in Switzerland.
    Almost everything I read is/was related to my research over many years.
    I can assure you that I stayed on my ass!
    To find your site, I scrolled through dozens of tabs, before opening only yours. I can affirm it: I was guided.

    “If you have a problem and there's a solution, there's no point in worrying. If you have a problem and there is no solution, there is no point in worrying. » Tibetan proverb.

    Albert Einstein, Victor Hugo, Christiane Singer, to name a few, are among my "mentors" along the way...


    Nice sequel.

    Christopher of the Birds.

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