The adjustment tripod every shooter has been waiting for: “Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest”.

Photo credit : TECMAGEX.COM website

Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest

Shooting Support

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When I saw this tripod I was shocked! FINALLY ! There is someone who decided to develop a tripod with jaws to adjust a weapon ANYWHERE, without worrying about sandbags and all that stuff.

His name is : « Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest » and it is this American site which talks about it best and in photos:

THE COMPLETE TEST. right click on the page and translate into your language.

Photo credit : THE FIRE ARM BLOG .COM.

  • Excerpts. Google translation : “Enter Caldwell Precision Pie. The best way to describe it is as a miniature machine gun tripod designed to work with standard rifles.
  • It's small and light for reaching the shooting line, but still sturdy enough to get the job done.
  • The top-clamping mechanism uses adjustable jaws to hold the rifle, and the adjustable tilt and bin allow the rifle to point right where it needs to be.
  • “….There are three buttons. The largest controls the clamping jaws. The smaller one, located at the bottom of the unit, locks the swivel mechanism in place when tightened.
  • This leaves the medium-sized button, which locks the tilt mechanism in place.
  • “….I saved a ton of ammo and time with it.”


  • The TECMAGEX.COM site sells it in France, here is the description they give:
  • Find the perfect shooting position by placing your gun securely on the Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest.
  • No more wasting time readjusting your support after each shot thanks to the multi-adjustment dial.
  • Thanks to its clamp support at the front and the micro-adjustable and removable handle support at the rear, your weapon will always be stable even in movement, which will ensure greater precision.
  • Thanks to this support, once at the shooting range, you will only have to concentrate on your shot.
  • 56.8 cm adjustment in length and 13.97 cm in width
    2 solid mounting points for maximum stability
    The front mounting clip with non-marking surface keeps the weapon centered with the ability to rotate and tilt for maximum adjustment.
    Removable and micro-adjustable handle support with vertical adjustment of approximately 3.8 cm.
    Front foot adjustable up to 15.2 cm in height.
    Fits a weapon with extended magazine.

A reader of the site informed me via a comment of another product of the brand

Caldwell Stinger Ambidextrous Adjustable Rifle Rest

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4 thoughts on “The adjustment tripod every shooter has been waiting for: “Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest”.”

  1. First of all let's praise this talented manufacturer, for my part I have a CALDWELL Stinger shooting support tripod which is very, very practical for precision targeting there is no sandbag to add and weigh down for the 450 /338/30.06/C12 with rise and adjustable handlebars I assure you that the recoil is divided by 2/3 on the latter, purchased from Tecmagex for several years, its stability, its seat, its balance, its fixity are incredible, knowing their products I am waiting for the feedback from shooters who have tried this Tripod / Shooting Support Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest…

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