2024. New AIMPOINT for ventilated band rifle: AIMPOINT ACRO S-2.

In 2017, we were entitled to the AIMPOINT S-1. “S” for Shotgun.

New SHOT SHOW 2017: AIMPOINT S1 “Special SHOTGUN” Shotgun.

In 2021, we were entitled to the AIMPOINT ACRO Picatinny rail version

2021. New AIMPOINT ACRO C-2 and ACRO P-2.

In 2024, AIMPOINT offers us a new version: Mixture of S-1 and ACRO but for rifle with ventilated band: AIMPOINT ACRO S-2.

  • The difference between the previous ACRO and this one is also and above all the size of the red dot: 9 MOA for that of 2024 and 3.5 MOA for that of 2021.
  • Why this difference in MOA size?
  • No doubt because this AIMPOINT ACRO S-2 is rather intended for “feathered” hunting:
  • “The Aimpoint® Acro S-2 adopts a compact design based on the 2nd generation of the Acro.
  • The model has been designed to be mounted on the ribs of ventilated rifles available on the market, versatility being one of its essential characteristics.
  • Its large 9 MOA red dot simplifies shot viewing, improving automatic adjustment of oscillation and barrel positioning.
  • The sleek optics have no protruding parts, providing an even clearer view.
  • The low axis of the 15 mm optic allows correct mounting of the weapon.
  • The Acro S-2 excels in bird and small game hunting, as well as sporting applications.”


  • Acro S-2™ base plates for narrow ventilated rifle band. Set: A+B+01+02.
  • Ref: #200939.
  • Spare parts set narrow ventilated slide.
  • Slide thickness 1,3-2,4mm and slide width 6-12mm.
  • Acro S-2™ base plates for thick vented rifle band. Set: C+D+03+04.
  • # 200940.
  • Spare parts set thick ventilated slide.
  • Slide thickness 2,4-3,6mm and slide width 6-12mm.

Photo credit: AIMPOINT INC.

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