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“All men dream but not in the same way. Those who dream at night, in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake up during the day and find that their dream was all vanity. But those who daydream are dangerous, because they are likely, with their eyes open, to implement their dream in order to be able to realize them. That's what I did. » Thomas Edward Lawrence "Lawrence of Arabia".

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The CANADIAN forum “EXTREME PRECISION” : « Shooting and Varmint-Predator Hunting Forum / Shooting and Varmint-Predator Hunting Forum », does me the great honor to quote my article on the 375 HH in these terms:

April 2019: I have been around for a long time and I never stop understanding and learning and all your articles help me do this. Thank you for all this information. Ysengrin. AT.

April 2016. Superb site, very well built and remarkable articles of research quality and precision, super relevant links on related articles of the same caliber. Congratulation. Peter M.

April 2016.  Here is a blog of the most serious and informed on the subject, which well deserves to be encouraged and supported* by a contribution of a few pennies (the sinews of war). a big thank you “CdS” for this information, even more exhaustive than in a specialized magazine at 7€*. Michel S.

August 2016: hello came yesterday for the first time super good advice I recommend and I will come back. Gerard A.

April 2016. Superb Blog, and remarkable article of quality and precision, and super relevant links on related articles of the same caliber, congratulations. Peter M.

October 2015. I am subscribed to your newsletter so I watch and read most of your articles. What interests me most? hunting in general, hunting shooting techniques, weapons, ammunition and optics, but also hunting, its image, its economic and social dimension. +Hunting accidents, as one of your latest articles, with in //, the treatment of information in the press and your analysis and the lessons to be learned. Also info on gun regulations. I regularly reread articles on hunting shooting techniques and hunting weapons. I also appreciate those on military strategies (the historical superiority of the French school of war) and geopolitics.
I haven't really found any other equivalent blog. Apart from a few visits to different forums, I haven't spent much time looking for other blogs, yours satisfies me well.  In my eyes, your articles are always clear, instructive, educational and pragmatic with a lot of feedback. I have never learned so many concrete things before reading you. On the forums, everything is piecemeal and scattered with often useless digressions. You provide answers. Your articles are self-supporting, developed and updated.
I also read your articles on extraterrestrials, in this area, I am too Cartesian and I find it hard to believe, even if some videos are disturbing. But for me, the videos are too easy to pipe (be careful, I'm not talking about you) and we can be fooled..
I have the impression that you are convinced of the existence of ETs (even presence!) and that the authorities hide all that from us and tell us nothing like the song (Roswell affair). I tell myself that if it were true, we would have found real tangible evidence other than the films (bodies, ship elements, various parts, etc.). But hey, maybe I'm too naive. But this does not prevent me from reading you anyway with curiosity. That's the end of my chat, hoping to have met your expectations. Best regards. PB Simple hunter loving weapons and beasts.

Mars 2014. Good evening, first of all I am not subscribed to hunting reviews, I am registered with a forum (hunting passion), I talk about hunting with fellow hunters, my father (who has 40 years of hunting experience) and my family, in fact I "scratch" the web a lot to find answers to my hunting questions, that's how I came across your blog, I also like to go on youtube (it's a dream...) I watch videos, among other things of Mr. Jean-Claude Tolphin whom I find not too bad…
I recently discovered your blog, I find it both narrative and technical, I appreciate the lived side and the ballistic or other technical demonstration.
to answer your question I am mainly interested in hunting, weapons, ammunition, optics, equipment as well as hunting ethics (to sum up…)
In conclusion, I find that what you are doing is very rewarding from all points of view. Cordially. Alexander.

Compliments: LE GUEVELLOU.
“Hello, Bravo for your site, rich, varied and open in its ideas, a tone that I like. Best wishes ". FRANK.

"In the Gallic language, "boar" is said: "truth", which gave in French: "truie", but in English: "truth", and in Celtic: "druide". So as a 'boar hunter' you are also a 'truth hunter' (boars, in the Mabinogion, the old Celtic language version of the King Arthur epic, are keepers of secrets…)”. Nicholas P.

Article: “Insolent proposals to reform hunting”: "Hello, I read your article, indecent proposals to reform the hunt", and I didn't miss a punctuation mark, you summarize the situation perfectly, the anti-hunters are at the door of my house and the France is becoming the forbidden country at all, it is high time that our federation shows that it exists and defends our interests, we have become scorned milk cows, rurality is driving away replaced by ignorant rural neos who confuse a field of wheat with a field of maize, and who want to eradicate us, bravo for your article and your blog.
Sincerely ". Christian.R

“Thank you for all your articles which I find very interesting. It is always a pleasure to read you from Spain. "Saludos". Jean-Michel H.

" Hello,
Shooter, not hunter (too lazy), I discovered your blog and … I read everything!
Very well documented, complete, readable, we want to come back!
If my students could be so clear in their memory...
Beyond the passion that we feel, there is a lot of work both in substance and in form. The mention "with the congratulations of the jury" is granted without hesitation! ".
Bernard B. February 28, 2012.

“I too put away my 300 wm rifle and I resumed my drilling in 9.3 74 R with which I hunted for 42 years, I was tired of hurting wild boars. Your article is blatantly truthful. Friendships”. Jacques SH. November 25, 2010

“First of all, thank you for your clear, precise and very quick answers.
 It is true that the choice of a weapon as far as I am concerned is very important. Whether you shoot two bullets or 5 boxes per year in a hunt, the emotion remains the same (otherwise it's useless). And missing a boar because of an unreliable aiming system, or a bad choice of ammunition is terrible.
The worst is to injure an animal that will die “further away”.
Your advice has been invaluable to me, and it's either a very good second-hand semi-automatic opportunity, or a new bolt-action rifle that I'm going to acquire soon. I now know what ammunition to take, and what optics. cordially" Terry. B. October 18, 2010.

“Thank you for your extremely useful – and entertaining – advice on choosing a weapon: it's clear, logical, funny and hits the corner of common sense! ". Roger de B. 09 October 2010. See the article devoted to the information provided: “Remington 7600 or MARLIN 1895 SBL”.

“Your blog is amazing!!! Well done, continue ».M jb.

“Hello, I discovered your blog this week, I find your advice very relevant and rich. I therefore ordered cartridges following your advice, I have been hunting “big” in Brittany for 2 years and Woodcock, I have been a firearms enthusiast since my childhood. Thanks for your precious advice ". Ps: Sorry, for the lack of accents, but I'm on a mission in Japan and with a Japanese PC it's not winning ». Gilles T.

sigro“Gunsmith in Toulouse, I was following your blog with a distracted eye, I looked into it a little more and I must say that I was absolutely seduced and surprised by the relevance of the advice given in all simplicity, number of hunters will find here the solution to their questions, and will discover that the solution to their problems is often simple. Congratulations Mr Olivier!”. Gilles Sigro LCF Armurier 27 avenue du Cimetière, 31500 Toulouse. Atelier Saint-Etienne 31.fr

“I am interested in your articles on hunting I find them great and as I am a new boar hunter. I already hunt it in my town but this year I will hunt it in the Aude. The boar fascinates me, I find this beast intelligent. I just bought myself a rifle + a red dot and your articles gave me a lot of information. We must continue, good luck for everything and to find a job. See you soon" . Christopher R.

“I just discovered your site, congratulations. Full of real and interesting things”. Dominique and Jacques D.

“Your blog is very well written with multiple subjects that we enjoy reading. Best wishes" . bruce.

THANKS ! to Joel SERRE, author of the book: “Complex science of ballistics. facts, myths, and fictions” for signing his book for me: “In the face of challenge, whatever the mind of man is capable of conceiving or believing, it is capable of realizing. The mind designed the virtual Touareg, the hand created it”.

NB: At the end of December 2007, when I created the blog it was simply a matter of sharing my experience, my favorites and…. my rants! But in April 2008, everything suddenly accelerated given the immediate notoriety of the blog.

Dedication-Joel-SerreSTC blog post “A BIBLE. Simply a Bible, that is to say a remarkable site to read, reread and consult in detail. My greatest thanks and all my compliments to the author for this remarkable work! B.J

Hello Olivier, “Thank you for your very kind comments” No…! Thanks for making this site! I'm going to be a little long, but it seems necessary to me. I have explored almost all the pages, except for certain links, for lack of time and I still haven't found any disagreement. Your site, without vile sycophancy is a BIBLE! I am 45 years old, I have been hunting for 25 years, in fact for much longer because the passion started at 8/9 years old after receiving a 9mm Left-Handed as a gift and until I was 12 years old. To resume at 20 years old. Then, I stopped hunting almost completely from the 2001/2002 season to this year 2011, following the loss of my 4-legged companion, fed up with the "atmosphere", and above all illness!! During these ten years, I hunted 4 times, always outside France, and only once big game, with a lent weapon, so I had cut the cord with the hexagonal regulations, novelties, uses, ballistics etc. … My only really “professional” contact was and still is, K, who was a guide in southern Africa for 40 years but who, since his return to France, no longer hunts. Our discussions, often late into the night, do not concern the techniques of driving that you approach but more on the atmosphere and the game, especially since his experience of driven hunting, he himself says, "dates a little" and that often out of friendship, perhaps also out of guide/customer habit, he does not insist enough on the fundamentals, except: "a caliber = a bullet (the heaviest) = an adjustment". Now for him hunting is memories, lots of memories and lots of stories to tell. Because the shooting techniques that you expose very clearly with good photos or videos, illustrating your words as well as possible, are part of the teaching of the hunting guides. (Editor's note: This is not what some call: "copy-paste". This is all from my experience!) and that given the short stay of customers, the pro does not have time to deepen them, especially since some customers do not care!!! They pay ! In this respect, the remarkable video: “the lion strikes back” the hunter was VERY lucky. Bullshit stories, I've seen a few! But the cane of pirsch to the lion!!! It's deadly, figuratively, for this time… I'm going to talk about guns, I have or I had: – Franchi semi auto 12 sold. Never, ever take a 12 semi-auto weighing less than 3 kg, what a setback! -Dumoulin 458, sold, – Dumoulin 375, sold, what a jerk! I know, don't hit me on the head, thanks! -Sauer 300 winch, Yeah, I know…., – Benelli 391 semi auto in 12, -Mossberg 12 (sold), – 12, 20, 28 juxta and super. All weapons brought to my conformity. I'm going to allow myself to talk about paintings and I won't talk about them anymore.-96 suids including a few Phacos, that goes back to 1989…! -about sixty ungulates, but no mountains, a few foxes, a buffalo in 1989. Note that stupid as I was, I did not “find the time” to go hunting with K, while he was active, telling me “next year”….. All this, to end up not being able to go there anymore and that he retires….. In 89, I was in French-speaking Africa. Sorry to have taken so long to get to the subject "firing techniques and calibers"! Having started my armory readings at 11 years old!!! By the opuses of D. Venner, I was completely addicted to “small caliber, tense and high energy”, which in 1986, pushed me towards a Sauer 300, when I was only hunting driven…. Whether it was the “seller” or my hunting companions (beaten, I repeat), at the time it was “fashionable”, in the same kind of crap the Remington 280s, bar 300s and other 7 x 64s… In Normandy and more generally in France, apart from Alsace and German-trained hunters, there are few expresses. In short, a complete heresy which is not finished! Whereas at the time, I was mainly looking for better stopping power, a good semi-automatic or 12 pump would have sufficed! My semi-auto Franchi of the time, too light and the recoil of the gun exploded my shoulder, with the consequences on the shooting that you explain clearly. This family weapon gave good results, on the first bullet, then…. I had to buy a Mossberg pump in 89 to reconnect with, the: "a ball, it balls/marks or it's missed", and yet I shot and still shoot 220 grs and my balls, as long as I do this may, were on the anterior part of the animal. With the 375, after going for a wacky, no pb. There, it was yes or no, never “Maybe! ". For the 300, thank you for looking for "heavy" warheads, it saved me long searches and futile discussions. Olivier, you have to make leaps when reading the catalogs and about certain “sellers”, between the unsuitable caliber and the barrels that are too short…. Excluding "family weapons" the good solutions, but it is difficult to make people hear. For newcomers and others… Small budget: the 12, just the 12 and only the 12, preferably single-barrel and good bullets. Medium budget: 9,3×62, 444, 35 Whelen etc… Lock, lever, semi-automatic or pump (cheap, fast and very safe). Other budgets: What makes you happy, but in 9,3!! Mini, and why not an express with an extra pair of 20 guns? Don't forget to have your weapon put on, whatever your choice, to your measurements. And to take a weapon whose weight corresponds to the caliber, the lighter it is, the more it recoils! Obviously, with the aging of the hunters, many new ones hunt out of obligation and the choice becomes more complicated, but it helps a lot by clarifying. It seems to me to stand out that the 9,3×62 with a barrel not too short, for the choice of a rifled weapon, allows almost everything from the hunt to the approach, except in the case of mountains?? For my part, I will see what the physical and financial future will be, for this season, the 12/300 mix with in mind the lethal zones and a passage through the common boar stand for a few dozen balls, just to finish my old bullets in 12 and 300, should get me back in the saddle after a Sunday when I missed a deer that couldn't be missed and killed a fox that couldn't be missed!! Thank you, Olivier for the "trick" of the 2/2,5 magnification at the start, I had "forgotten" that too, when I repeat to you that your site is a bible! And like all Bibles, proofreading is essential! He wouldn't think of flying, after 10 years, without going through an instructor, it's forbidden anyway, or diving without at least re-reading his tables. I completely share your points of view on other subjects and I will forget some: The hunting license, what bullshit this closed grip on the butt, I couldn't believe it! A young man confirmed to me. It's an aberration that must be stopped… Finally, it's the same thing with the car… The prohibition, well almost (4th cat) of shotguns. I had the pleasure of using one for 10/11 years because the 300, then the 375 remained in the car for various reasons: biotopes not adapted, I was tracking or shooting distances at the post lower than 20 meters. As you say, you have to have used a pump to understand and explain that it is the safest gun for tracking. Non-removable charger on semi-autos !!!!!!! Stupid, dangerous, inappropriate! For these last two points, it's funny, since these iniquitous laws, the thugs have equipped themselves with Kalash.. No comment! "To outlaw weapons, only outlaws have weapons", it is not at your place that I read that ??? The 9,3, 35 or 375. the 375 as far as I'm concerned, I was able to experience, in the hunt, what you describe very well, that the animal does not carry the ball and that the reaction to the impact is such that even if you cut a leg, it happened to me (yes, I know!), you have time to shorten his suffering. And no, it does not "explode" the game! No more than a 12 ball. But preconceived ideas have a good life in France… And not at all, in Germany or Spain. Having sold, the 458 still passes, because beyond the sentimental side it was the rifle of my buffalo and I dreamed as a kid of having a Dumoulin, but I would have had little use for it. But the 375…!!!? Especially since my dream was doubly granted. In short, bullshit, intoxicated by the "Africa" ​​side of the caliber, while and you remember it perfectly, in metric, it's 9,5mm. As it is necessary to demagnumize it is also necessary to de-Afriquanize (phew!) certain calibers, that was well done for the 9,3×62, then…? NB: And beware of certain "gunsmiths"...! There are not several calibers in a beat for different game, there is a beat and different game. Off topic, K, as a pro, used 300,30-06, 458, 9,3X64 and 416 Rigby and for him the worst, regardless of bullet weight and affected area, was the 300 …! And he didn't hunt in droves…. ! For me, with the 300, although, without allowing me to affirm it 100% and do not hold it against me, I think that I have not lost an animal, research included, when I had a doubt. On the other hand, I have NEVER noticed the promises of this caliber, in fact and to finish with it, I will qualify it as a "caliber with unfulfilled promises" at least for the beat. End of aside. Since my health problems, I have become more sensitive to the injury and the suffering inflicted; your lines and my experience push me to avoid these sufferings as much as possible. Your advice on shooting technique with a sling should be read by all hunters, there are few hunters/shooters who understand it… My gunsmith had a hard time too! Disappointing… ! Your way of explaining the correct aim, identifying before aiming, are the basics of hunting, too often ignored and sometimes forgotten…! This state of mind, mentally wanting to “send” the projectile, incomprehensible to the average Nimrod, too average, whereas it is a common technique in sports/instinctive/defense shooting or in golf. It's even the only one! On this subject, I think that the fact of doubling at the head must shock certain imbeciles who have understood nothing or for whom it is necessary to "serve" the animal with a bladed weapon, which is nonsense on several levels :You have to know how to do it. you have to move from your post, no comment…! Let's not talk about bullets "in the head", but not in the head...! And the animal gets up, greets you and is off with a migraine or worse…! This happened to me twice on two deer, one had a jaw bullet and the other had a seton bullet, just a slight incision, between the antlers and the ears, in both cases they were announced dead, and set off again. Finally, for the jaw ball, not really! And in both cases, I “kill them again” with a bullet. Here, I was very long, and I could go on, but your site and such a mine of "good things" that taking a little time to greet, the objectivity, the diversity and the richness of your articles made me seemed natural. Looking forward to reading your next articles, I salute the quality of your work with my old hat and wish you a great season. With all my warmest regards in St Hubert. Bertrand B.

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