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If this site brings you unique advice on hunting, consider making a donation to support this goal of always being free!!!

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For a minimum of 25 €uros, indicate your surname, first name and address, you will receive by post two people magnets (magnetic) to stick on your fridge or any other metal surface.

With your donation...

With € 60, you finance the rental of the server for one year.

With € 100, you pay for the four domain names for one year.

With 120 € uros you allow the CDN « Content Devery Network”, speed up the loading of pages on your screen regardless of your geographical position in the world.

With 150 € uros you ensure the backup of the site for one year.

With 50 € uros you shield the security of your navigation on the site for one year:

  • The translation of the site costs: 250 € uros per year. Without external funding, I could not maintain this additional load for long….!

Total annual fees  : 480 €uros i.e. $ 522.

Total annual fees  unlimited translations included : 730 €uros i.e. $ 793.

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