Books: Channeling 1-2-3-4-5. Human, Solar, Little People, Angelic Initiation.

These books that I started reading have given me more than 50 years of spiritual, esoteric, occult and occult government research….. 😉

“During a reiki session given by my husband, I had a spontaneous out-of-body experience. I

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Book: “Between The Rose and the Square”. The church of Rennes le Château = A Rosicrucian ᛭ Masonic Temple.

July 07: Video at the end of the article

“You just have to enter the church of Rennes-le-Château and observe, with regard to the Masonic symbology, the things, the decorations, the paintings and the architectures: everything is there!

and the mass

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PAPACITO: “War notebooks”. A severely burnt book! PAPACITO: The new Michel AUDIARD.

February 2024

I found PAPACITO’s interview with Charles GAVE

October 2023

July 2023

June 2023



La Furia is a quarterly magazine where you will find Marsault, Papacito, Laurent Obertone, Laura Magné and many other contributors.

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Book: Vietnam ZIPPOS: Another History of the Vietnam War.


Coming from the four corners of the USA, professional soldiers or contingent soldiers, the American soldiers in Vietnam engraved on their lighters: ZIPPOS: “Death to the Enemy, Peace, Love, Sex, Drugs and Rock'N'Roll”.


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Books: "The Pekinese", (anagrammatic dictionary of celebrities) and "Stunning Anagrams or the hidden meaning of the world".

Book the Pekingese

These books must be ordered in priority by your bookseller!

Do the anagrams have an occult meaning? This is the question we should ask ourselves as their hidden meanings can reveal many mysterious things…. “The Kabbalah

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