Interview with Romain GARY the visionary, in 1970, he had seen everything: Facebook, social networks, tribes, fashions, EVERYTHING!

The photo in this book sums up THE CHARACTER…

“I believe, contrary to what Georges ORWELL said in 1984, there will be a multitude, an infinity of human groups of mini-societies, if you like which ones will live according to their own

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Geostrategy: Who killed Yevgeny Prigojine, and how? My analysis.

October 2023

This expert from the magazine “ AIR AND COSMOS » is a leading authority in his field and therefore there is no doubt that Yevgeni Prigozhin's plane was indeed shot down by two missiles ground-air.

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GEOSTRATEGY: Discovering Bernard LUGAN, the "Great White" who restores his titles of nobility to Africa.


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February 2024

Lyautey and Morocco: the colonial left against Lyautey. Shortly before his death, taking stock of his action in Morocco,

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