Legislation and advice on sports shooting.

I created this section because I found this video from Paul LEFEBVRE's YOUTUBE channel which is so excellent that I am making these videos available:

  • I have been a sports shooter myself since 1979, a lot
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Shooters: EDEN = Dematerialized National Registration Area.

19 September 2023

French Shooting Federation: EDEN = Dematerialized Space of National Registration.

The shooting license is now dematerialized including the various procedures for acquiring weapons.

How to check the validation of your medical certificate

I flashed the QR

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AIS. Weapons Information System. MANDATORY SIA account before December 31, 2024.

Article updated February 22, 2024

February 27, 2024 At 14 p.m. Launch of the SIA for sports shooters

SIA: Difference between SIA number and SIA account.
Many of you have asked us the usefulness of creating

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