Publication in the Official Journal: Tracking collars for dogs authorized in hunting action*.

The decree was published in OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF December 28, 2018, tracking collars (GARMIN and others) are authorized in hunting action under certain conditions*.

Until now tracking collars were only authorized AFTER that

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Radio-GPS collar: SUPRA antennas and collars or how to increase the range of your GARMIN.

September 2019

Two new beacons to improve dog detection

  • Supra ROG Mini GPS Tag:
  • This beacon allows you to change the external GPS antenna of your tracking collar in case of poor reception or simply if

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GARMIN collar: Alpha 50, Alpha 100 and T5/TT15 collars. WEBUPDATER: Free update to go from 2 to 6 frequencies.

Alpha 50, Alpha 100 GPS collars and T5/TT15 collars = Free tripling of frequencies.

How to update your GARMIN ALPHA 50, 100 and T5/TT115.

Always wait 2 months before installing it and check that there is not a

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Spot a dog at night using a light marker or be spotted by a hazard light, strobelight.

The time change has just taken place, it is dark at 18 p.m. and soon at 17 p.m. Whether you have a GPS collar or not, I advise you to add an original solution to it to locate your dog more easily.

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