Shooters, hunters, a new brand of illuminated and - very - affordable glasses arrives in France.

BOUTIQUE CHASSEUR & COMPAGNIE offers you exclusively and in preview in France a brand of shooting glasses: SHILBA. Made in Argentina based on Japanese glass. These glasses are invariant magnification. In other words, the

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Radio-GPS collar: SUPRA antennas and collars or how to increase the range of your GARMIN.

September 2019

Two new beacons to improve dog detection

  • Supra ROG Mini GPS Tag:
  • This beacon allows you to change the external GPS antenna of your tracking collar in case of poor reception or simply if

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Optics: Test of the SIGHTMARK 3-12×56. Illuminated reticle. 440 €uros. Warranty: 10 years.

Update November 19, 2017: LSALOMON ARMORY made a tailor-made order for an absolute fan of the CHASSEUR DE SANGLIER.COM website who followed my advice to the letter: Browning Bar Mk3 cal. 338 WINCHESTER MAGNUM

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