Legislation and advice on sports shooting.

I created this section because I found this video from Paul LEFEBVRE's YOUTUBE channel which is so excellent that I am making these videos available:

  • I have been a sports shooter myself since 1979, a lot
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Video decryption. Buffalo hunting: “Heart” shooting prohibited! Express or breech + muzzle brake?

February 2024

Lose this bitch…. mania for unshouldering to double or triple!!! When you operate the slide of your weapon, keep your weapon on your shoulder, the barrel on the beast! If necessary, practice shooting and reloading... Click here to read more in a new tab.

The adjustment tripod every shooter has been waiting for: “Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest”.

Photo credit : TECMAGEX.COM website

Caldwell Precision Turret Shooting Rest

Shooting Support

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